Each Year our club enters a float in the annual Santa Claus Parade.

As you can tell we usually pull it with the club's tow truck.

The gang gets together the night before to decorate the float. With lots of helpers it does not take long.
This year Al had a lot of it built at home and only had to placed the items on the club trailer.

Elaine & Greg Jones snuggle in to keep warm as they are suppose to be sitting in front an open fire place reading a Christmas carol.

This is the only time that the club trailer is used during the winter months as it is taken off the roads for the winter to avoid the highway salt.

Virgil Lysgaard was so happy as this was the first outing for his Model T.


During the parade Doug McCloy who was riding with Virgil had to get out once in awhile and put snow on the radiator during the parade as the Model T was heating up from the slow pace of the parade.