Presented by Dave Dickinson

Some of the members met at the Valleyview A & W before going out
 to Pringles.  

Over the years more & more show cars are arriving so a separate area is now reserved parking.

John Duerksen's 1966 Chrsyler Bryan Vye's 1921 Dodge Brothers Clark Borth's 1930 Ford Model A Roadster
Brian Roberts' 1964 Oldsmobile Glenn Gallagher's 1927 Pierce Arrow Ron Buck's 1941 Dodge
Doug Smather's 1965 Mercury Comet Ivan LaJeunesse's 1948 Oldsmobile Bruce Brawtree's Rockne
Bill Kermode's  1962 Corvette Steve Bell's 1972 Pontiac GTO
Dave Proctor and his 1905 Rambler The club's Fire truck & Wrecker

Each year in October Val Pringles along with volunteers fire up and gets the steam
going to operate the various steam machines that Val has on his farm.

The public is invited to enjoy what it was like many years ago.
Val can be seen here operating the saw in the mill

Looking down towards the farm house from the car show parking lot
Hard to see however Val is now feeding the binder.
Dwight is busy explaining to a group how a steam engine works.
This steam tractor runs another sawmill. A little smaller than one Val was running as shown above.

Each year Val manages to add something different as this was no exception
This year was a Rock Crusher and Wagon for hauling away the crushed rock.

This required two motors.
 First to run the rock crusher 
Second is run the loading belt.

An yearly favorite is to see the
Marmon Steam Shovel in operation

That's it for another year.