NUGOLD Mill Tour
Organized by: - Jim Carroll
Photos by: - Dave Dickinson

This Cruise Night was a lttle different as we normally leave Riverside Park at 7:00 whereas the crew at the mine that was going to give us the tour at the Nugold Mine site went off work at 7:00 pm so we had to meet at the gate to the mine site at 4:00 pm.

Supper was to follow at the Dairy Queen after the tour.
Getting organized as we met at the guard shack at the edge of the property.
We had to wait for our guide to arrive and we were then escorted on to the mill site and to the fire hall where they start the mine tours.

   We were all given a hard hat,
rubber boots, safety goggles & vest to wear during the tour. For safety reasons we were divided into 5 groups for the mill tour. They do not give tours underground through the mine.

   Marlene Beddie is seen modelling
the latest in fashion wear.

This picture shows part of the conveyor belt system that brings the ore from the underground mine up to the mill site.

This is the Control room where the mill operators control the conveyor belts, ball mills and flotation bins.  

Our guide trying to explain over all the noise the operation of the ball mills to Jim Carroll.
One of the large ball mills used in grinding the ore before being sent to the flotation bins.
With out being there it is hard to show by pictures
the size of the building and the equipment that is operating inside.

Because of the all the stairs and the amount of walking some of the ladies stayed behind.
They sat and chattered in the fire hall.

Lila says "See John I do get my hands dirty"
YUK !!!
Another interesting Cruise Night thanks to Jim as not sure if the mine would give anyone an individual tour.