Organized by: - Jim Carroll
Photos & Presentation by: - Dave Dickinson

As per usual for our Cruise Nights we started  at Riverside Park with a supper.
As we headed for the vehicles we had to check out the
"Hit n Miss' engine that Al had in the back of his truck

Ray Henry asks does it run?

Sure it does I will show you.

Let me set the choke.

All you have to do is give it a little crank

See I told you it would run!

Judy says I have seen it all before
leave me alone
so I can finish my crossword puzzle

Peter Udesen owner of Kamloops Upholstery has been kind enough to help us
with the upholstery and the roof of the clubs Ambulance project.

During one of the work shop nights he invited the club up to see his shop.
Peter is speaking with
John Foley & Marg McNaughton
I think the girls were discussing what they could do with the nice sewing machines

One of the fellows from the Kamloops Street Rod Club is the proud owner of this car.
Ray & John discuss the nice work
Peter has done on the upholstery

The boys having all the problems solved
it was time to call the visit quits
and to head to Tim's for a coffee