Hot Nite In The City
Senior Residences Tour 2021-1

Organized by Ron Popove
(HNITC Chairman)
Sponsored by Roadman Car Club, Visual Signs, Back Woods 4X4
Photos by Dave Dickinson


We as the Vintage Car was invited to particpate so
a number of the members did come out in support of this cruise to the various Senior Complexes

The line up was on the streets around the
Residence At Orchards Walk

The tour had us leaving at 7 pm circulating the round about in front of the Residence and travelling along Valleyview Drive, to
Victoria Street for a trip downtown,
up 1st Ave to Berwick On The Park,
crossing over Hwy #5 to Kamloops Senior Village,
 and up then up the hill to
Chartwell Ridgepointe Retirement Residence

If you wanted to smoke your tires you were invited to pass through the Backwoods 4X4 shop
 to finish the tour.

Kamloops Vintage Car members that particpated

Dave Dickinson

Doug McCloy

Carolyn Obieglo

Harm & Debbie Fransen

Bob & Jeanne Chambers

Keith Barron

Robert & Wendy Sparrow

Jim Carroll

Denis & Laura Jolicoeur

Engel & Audrey Bowmeester

Sorry the photographer missed getting pictures at the time of the folowing 3 members
However here is are photos of the cars they were driving for the cruise

It is some times difficult to get pictures of everyone and everything when actually particpating in the event

Steve Bell

Rich Vandermey

Geoff Gibbard

Some other cars (non-members)

Harm & Debbie Fransen
enjoying the cruise with the top down on their
1965 Mercury Comet Calient

Ron Popove directing traffic and thanking everyone at the trun off to Backwoods 4x4 for coming as they finished the cruise

He said 100 plus cars came, which is much more than he expected.

Surprised but very happy.
Thanks Ron for doing this for the seniors