Organized by: - Jim Carroll
Presentation & Photos by: - Dave Dickinson

This particular night there was a special occasion
for Music In The Park so there was no parking anywhere.
So you parked where you could.
When we were leaving at 7:00 pm the by-law officers
where handing out tickets.
They sure made their money that night
As the weather was not supposed to be that good some of the regulars did not drive Vintage

Inside the paint booth

Ann gets to go to all the fancy places when on a date with Bill

Bruce says he could use one of these at his place

You can tell there was not much work being done
 with all the hands in the pockets

Ken Finnigan checks out the paint supply room

I wonder if he has my colour?

Ken socializes with owner
Ray heads for home with his '22 Buick

The rest followed shortly going to the A & W for coffee.