April 21st, 2013
Organized by: - Bruce Bawtree
Photos by: - Dave Dickinson

Each year we try to start the year off with a Garage Tour.
It gives the new members an idea of what others are doing.
This was my first try at organizing a Garage Tour
and I would like to thank the McCormicks, Foleys, Kermodes and Wourms
for opening their garages to us and thanks to everyone who came out to the tour.
As a newer member I enjoyed meeting some new people that I didn't know before
and saw some fascinating old machinery of all sorts.
It worked out great as the weather was nice and we had 30 people show up driving 13 Vintage and Collector cars.
I'm looking forward to the fall tour.


We met at the Valleyview A & W as there is room for the cars in the parking lot and it gives the members a chance to have a coffee before we start the Garage Tour.

Not really a good place to get pictures of the cars
 however this was as they left the A & W parking lot heading for Garage #1 McCormick's

Terry Davidson's  1966 Mercury 

Chris Kempling's 1976 Lincoln

Carolyn Obieglo's 1965 Pontiac

Ernie & Marg McNaughton's
1964 Mustang

Craig & Marlene Beddie's
1969 Oldsmobile

Rick Wourm's 1968 Jaquar

John & Laverne Duerksen's 
1966 Chrysler

Andy Cordonier's 1949 International

Bill Kermode's 1962 Corvette

Ken & Marg Hoshowski's
1961 Pontiac

Doug McCloy's 1966 Mustang

Jake Surline's 1940 Chevrolet
John Rostron's 1950 Studebaker

The four garages Bruce lined up for us to tour was in the Dallas-Barnhartvale area.

First stop was the Garage of Ken McCormick

Ken's 1930  Durant Coupe

Bob Gieselman is looking at Ken's
other car which is a 1948 Pontiac.

Marg Hoshowski and
girls also check it out.
Some waited outside as there was not enough room
for everyone and cars in the garage at the same time
Time to head up the hill to the cars and drive to Garage #2
Second stop was Garage of John Foley's
Andy's 1949 International

Jake's 1940 Chevrolet
Craig's Oldsmobile  & Terry's Mercury

John's 1950 Studebaker
Carolyn says it was cold
driving her Pontiac Convertible
so she dressed for the occasion

"Convertible tops should be down
that is why you have a convertible"
Bruce, Ernie & Ken check out John's Tractor
John's 1964 Chevy he is currently working on

Thanks to Lila for the coffee and goodies
John says to Andy come
and see the deal I have for you.

"See just what you need."

Third stop was the Garage of Bill Kermode

Bill and Bruce discuss
the steam engine
 that Bill's Dad made
Dick says the seat is Ok
but he doesn't think he will
make  an offer on it until
at least the flat tire is fixed
The boys said they have  heard of a motor in the back
but a car having the transmission in the trunk is very rare!

Marg Hoshowski, Jeanne Wourms
& Audrey Bouwmeester

Bob Gieselman. Ken Hoshowski
& Bruce Bawtree {Organizer}
Bill's Corvette at his house

Fourth Stop was the Garage of  Rick Wourm's

Doug McCloy says that because the fork lift is stock and qualifies for our Easter Parade he can drive it for Rick in next year's parade
Dick Parkes our Parade Marshall didn't seem to agree with Doug's offer

As the tour was officially over it was time for lunch
Someone said that a new Subway Cafe was now open in Dallas so that was the next stop
It was nice as we were able to join up the tables and everyone got a chance to visit.

Marg can't make up her mind
on what she is going to have.

"Just too many choices"

Nothing like a fancy Hot Chocolate to finish off a great Garage Tour