2013 Year Nine

Photos by Dave Dickinson & John Duerksen

It is nice to see the members still show up however it is getting that the
jobs are less and more defined.

It seems that someone is always in someone else's road.

They are hoping to have some full day work parties
as it is the intention to have it ready for the May Tour here on May 10-13th.
This is not the original bell however the
British Car Club found one exctly the same and donated it to our club.

It is starting to look good with some of the accessories in place.

Saturday January 19th
This happens to be one of the full days the crew was hoping to have.

They made real good progress on getting the panelling in the back in place.

Julian Slotylak, Ray Henry & Ken Hoshowski  look on as
Jason Tasko is inside showing what he wants.
Jason cutting a piece to fit. Not certain what Craig Beddie is working on.


The strips are stained to match the plywood.
Ray Henry & Keith Galbraith check out
the wiring on the dash.
Keith had taken the dash home to rebuild.

Original on left with refurbished above.

Keith had borrowed the use of some of
John Tulloch's tools so John
stopped  by to see the results.

Dick Parkes sprays some
of the wood trim to match the dash.

Back to Thursday nights again.

Doug McCloy installs roof vent.
John Duerksen & Ken Hoshowski help
Doug with the roof vent.

Dick Parkes & Ken Hoshowski
check out the doors getting
them ready for panelling

Jason Tasko is explaing to Ken Hoshowski how the door panels are go go.

Artist Unknown

Keith & Dick caught sharing a laugh.

Craig Beddie checks out the lights

while Dick Parkes holds the other end of the wire
Don Potts is now hooking up the
signal lights, red light & siren.

Doug McCloy is a glazier by trade
so he is looking  after
the installation of all the glass.

Here he is struggling a little 
with a window channel.

It doesn't seem to want to co-operate.
John Duerksen is not sleeping however
he has to lay down to
adust the running
board brackets
on the drivers side.

John is now installing the rubber for the running boards.
Clark Borth gives John a hand
by drilling the mounting holes.

The back is looking good.

The two brown strips on the floor
are for the roof corners.
Bob Chambers discusses with Keith the strip that goes around
the medicine cabinet in the back.

Bill Kermode is triming the gasket that goes under the door hinges so they do not show.

It appears that everyone wants
to work in the
same area.

Someone donated us a
1952 BC License Plate as that
 is the year
of the Ambulance
Keith Galbraith and Bob Chambers take a Monday afternoon to install the dash


Ken Finnigan & Jerry Wallin
work on the rear cupboard
Julian Slotylak & Virgil Lysgaard
watch Dick Parkes straighten out
a piece of the door trim.
Dick Parkes holds some door trim that he straighten out while waiting for
Doug McCloy and Mel Nordal to get the window stripping in place.