2009 Year Five
Presented By Dave Dickinson

The engine is back together and it is time to put it back in the ambulance.

Craig Beddie & Don Potts install motor mounts.

Here everyone gets involved


Sure does look good having the engine back in place

John Duerksen works on
the wiper mechanism.
Dick Parkes carries over the grill for ken Hoshowski can work on it
then Keith Galbraith shows up to lend Ken a hand.

Mean while Jerry Wallin & Jason Tasko check out the wood on the bottom of the driver's door


Miscellaneous pieces get picked out so Jerry Wallin can deliver them to the chrome shop in Calgary as he drives through on his way to Saskatchewan

Some of the crew getting ready to go to work.
Ray, Don, Dick, Craig & Ken

Bob Gieslman follows Jerry Wallin back to the bench

Rick Wourms discusses the problem
 of the door hinges with Jerry Wallin
Jerry & Jason Tasko make more adjustmensts

Rather than weld the aluminun
Ken Hoshowski uses some of his talents as a builder of airplanes to rivet parts together and repair cracks.

Dick Parkes presents Andy Cordonier with a model
similar to the truck he uses for work
 in apprecation of using his shop.

Float of the gas guages gets measured up
wondering if  a replacement can be found.

Overall shot from the attic.


Ray Henry makes gasket for carb.

Ken Finnigan using the
sandblasing cabinet.

Sarah Wourms watches the fellows work on the hood.

Clark Borth checks fan.

Bill Kermode & Keith Galbraith work on brake line while Julian Slotylak holds up the radiator.

Jason Tasko & John Duerksen are smiles as the part they were working
 on seems to fit.

Sarah Wourms works on staining the inside wood work .


Jerry Wallin tacks on side panel.

Ken Hoshowski checks his handy work.

Dick Parkes adds filler to the roof
to smooth out some of the dints.

Virgil Lysgaard made us new bolts to hold
 the rear fenders in place.

September & October

Jerry Wallin is just like a "Little Beaver"
 as he has to be playing with wood.

Ken Hoshowski and Bill Kermode check out the grill.

Here Jason Tasko & Jerry Wallin check the fit of the new door pieces.

November & December

Checking windshield for fit.
Jerry, Ken, Dick, John & Ken checking the fit of the roof.
Someone found my camera and took a shot
of me actually doing some work.
Bill Kermode wraps up the trouble light. Keith Galbraith gets ready to sweep the floor.

Another year comes to a close.