2008 Year Four
Presented By Dave Dickinson


Craig Beddie being a retired mechanic from Finning {Caterpiller} checks everything so carefully.
Does anyone know where all these go?
They came out so they should go back

Tim & Rick Wourms work on door post

Rick  does more adjusting
Front fender being looked at by Terry Davidson

Jason Tasko checks out the folding rear steps
he has made.

Jerry Wallin, Jack Woolard
& Jason Tasko

Every once a while sparks do fly


British Car Club presents Dick Parkes with a bell to replace the original that went missing

Ken Finnigan checks out the bell

Tim Wourms works on the steering column.


Andy Cordonier, Jack Woolard & Julian Slotylak
 take a mintue for discussion

Dick Parkes doing some power sanding.

Julian Slotylak, Ray Henry
 & John Duerksen

stripping some of the old paint
off the roof.

Julian does his thing.

Rick Wourms still working
on the sheet meteal of the cab


John Duerksen, Don Potts & Ken Hoshowski
 doing more stripping.

With all this stripping taking place you would think there would be more female members in attendance

Jack Woolard

Don Potts

Jerry Wallin over seeing Jason Tasko at work
Someone has to supervise

Jerry wrecked his arm while skiing
Not on the Job so no WCB    

More of Rick Wourms and his handy work
What a picture?

Nice frame though

Fitting the roof


Virgil Lysgaard stopped by with parts that he had made at home
while Julian Slotylak leans on the vice.

Anybody you recognize?

Now you know who.
Jerry wallin

Rick Wourms & Julian Slotylak with broom
                            Ken Finnigan

Jerry Wallin & John Duerksen
working on the flooring

Current work crew

{l to r back rowAndy Cordonier,
Craig Beddie, Rick Wourms,
Dick Parkes, Julian Slotylak,
& Keith Galbraith

{front row} John Duerkson,
 Dave Dickinson,
Mike Collings,
Jerry Wallin, Don Potts
& Jack Woolard


Ken Hoshowski takes on the challenge of straightening and cleaning up the grill.
{l tor} Keith Galbraith speaking to Ken Hoshowski as Julian Slotylak looks on. Ken takes grill home for straightening and polishing

September & October

Jerry Wallin

The back is starting take shape.

John Duerkson working on gas filler pipe.

Andy Cordonier takes a look at the progress in the back.

Don Potts works on the grill shroud

Ray Henry sands passengers door
while Don Potts works on the fender skirts

          One of those kind of days                               Bill Kermode                                  Doug McCloy

Ray Henry sitting in the cab pumping the brake pedal while others look for any leaks
in the brake lines.
I had mentioned early that the British and our flare angles were different and it was hard to get a
flare not to leak.
Jason Tasko {center}pointing out to the crew
how much wood needs to be replaced in the door.

Another year closes.