2007 Year Three
Presented By Dave Dickinson


Jack Woolard is all smiles as it another year
Andy Cordonier & Rick Wourms
discuss the floor paneling
Rick is trying to remove rivets to take
the floor panelling apart
Clark Borth is checking out the drivers door and post.

Murray Williams looking up something in the book.

February & March

Jack Woolard checking the wood in the drivers door frame.

The cross bracing was needed to help
keep the original shape.
Jack Woolard fitting some of the room braces together.

Roof looks good with the new wood installed.

Julian Slotylak doing the supervising.

Ray Henry trying to remove vent window
while looking into the light held by Julian.

We had a lot of  fun with the brake lines leaking
as the angle on the British flaring is different than that of ours.
So that meant making a tool to do the job correctly.

Some of the speciality brake parts.

Jason Tasko & Jack Woolard checking
the fit  of a corner piece.

Don't know what Dick Parkes & Clark Borth are doing.
Our 3 Wood Chucks
Jack Woolard, Jerry Wallin & Jason Tasko
Jason had to replace all the wood that was over the
 wheel well as it had all rotted away.

April & May

Dick Parkes getting one of the rims
ready for painting.

Jack Woolard thanks Andy Cordonier for the use of the shop with the presentation of a hand made clock. This presentation was during one of the stops on our
Spring Garage Tour
{l to r} Julian Slotylak, Bob & Jeanne Chambers
with Ed Shaw sitting watch on.

September & October

Lots of fitting, measuring and adjusting.
If one brother can not fix it the other will with a bigger hammer
Rick & Tim Wourms.

Rick Wourms & Ray Henry check fit on drivers door.
Dick wonders what is missing from this big hole.

{R to L} Andy Cordonier supervising while Jack Woolard watches Jerry Wallin do some cutting.

Ken Finnigan checks out guages in the dash as he does the wiring.
"4 of our male strippers" that is paint strippers
Ray Henry, Craig Beddie
Julian Slotylak & Doug McCloy
Dick Parkes adding some needed patches to the front fender

November & December

Engine gets unwrapped as it has been sitting awhile waiting for parts.

John Duerkson is checking the head.
Ken Finnigan & Roger Blagborne check out the rod bearing.

Andy Cordonier fitting a rod in one of the pistons.

Engine looks just like new.
Ray Henry is sorting and cleaning parts. Julian Slotylak is wire brushing some bolts.

Another year comes to a close with more workshops planned for next year.