Cruise to Tobiano & Savona

June 24th, 2021
Organized & Pictures by Dave Dickinson & Sue Wilson

We met at Riverside Park with everyone bringing a picnic lunch to enjoy before cruisin
It was surprising we only had 5 couples show up this evening
No idea why we did not have more other the weatherman  
predicted 35 plus weather this day and members must have felt it was not good for their cars.
Well the weatherman was wrong as it was a very comfotable and made for a nice eveing to enjoy our hobby

This was the first part of our cruise was to travel the streets of Tobiano between the different holes on the golf cousrse
and see some of the beautiful homes out there

It only takes $$$$$
After leaving Tobiano we stopped at the
Savona look out
As shown here you can see this view was
once feature on a Canadian $100 dollar bill  
We took a minute at the look out to get a picture of the those attending. When there is only 5 cars it does not take long
Driving through Savona we wondered what it would be like
to stay at this cute looking motel
This was the end of the line
Time to check the wash rooms
before heading back to Kamloops

As the cruise was over it was time to
 head back to Kamloops

Sue got some great shots of the sun set
on our way back to Kamloops

Of course a stop at the DQ was in the plans

Sue, Denis, Laura, Marilyn & Gerry