Cruise #1 - LaFarge & Beyond
Organized and pictures by: - Dave Dickinson & Sue Wilson

This was the first cruise for this year
As in the past we would meet at Riverside Park.
Some would come a little earlier and bring somehting to eat
and this gave them more time to socialize.
We left the parking lot at 7 pm
 however this year from now on it will be 6 pm

We left Riverside and drove up Victoria Street
out to join up with Hwy #5  heading for Jasper
After crossing the Thompson River we turned right at the light to travel along Shuswap Road towards the Lafarge cement plant
The gentleman that ownes this bus came to onr of our club meetings as at that time he was looking for some place to park his bus. Looks like he found a place

From the road we could see the Wanda Sue tied up to her dock
This was a steam powered paddle wheeler that a past member [George Slack] had buuilt and and ran tours and charters up the South Thompson River
Some beutiful homes with their stairs cnnecting them their floating docks

The sands dunes are always quite interesting with the shadows they create
Quite often Big Horn Seep can be seen grasing but it was not this night
We drove to just about to the end of the pavement passing the
                        Lafaage Cement plant,                                                    South Thompson River Inn                                        Kamloops Rivershore Golf Course 
Then it was time to turn around and head back to the DQ for Ice Cream

Ray says too HOT for top down
Passed this car on the road
Actually it is park at the entrance to someone's property
iIdon't beleiev we will ever see it driving on the road

A very interesting sky for the drive home
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