City Bus Garage
Organized by: - Jim Carroll
Presentation by Dave Dickinson

When Jim was inquiring about touring the City Bus Garage he was told no until he spoke to Supervisor Bill Davies.

He thought it would be a great idea so we did get the opportunity to visit.

When we entered the parking lot we had to make certain that we went all the same direction
so there was no interference with the buses as the system is set up that all traffic flows in one direction.
When you have close to 100 vehicles coming and going you need some kind of order.

Bill had the crew take an extended coffee break so they could look at our cars
and there would not be any bus traffic in the yard while we were there.

We had a nice showing 18 Vintage cars
show up for the evening.

Bill Davies explains to everyone
some of the  great features
that the shop.

Very environment friendly.

Full Hoist {Above}
Portable Hoist {Right}

Mechanic explains the portable hoist
to Al Paulsen

All buses as they return to the lot at the end of the day go through a safety check
and get refueled before getting washed
 if needed before they are parked.

Then it was off to the wash rack for us

The end of an interesting evening.
As it was starting to get dark some of the older cars headed home without stopping for coffee