Moving Club Bus
193? Hayes-Anderson{Not sure of the year}
Presentation by: - Dave Dickinson

In discussion with Tranquille Farms and our proposed club visit out there would be next May during the May Tour the subject of our bus came up.
Because of its past connection with Tranquille it was decided that the bus should be moved from the storage in a farmers back field
at Barriere
to Tranquille as it use to stop there when it was in service.

At Barriere the bus was stored out in a field along with some wrecked cars where as at Tranquille it will be under a roof.

Craig Beddie, Dave Dickinson, Jerry Wallin, John Bone, John Foley, John Duerksen,
Tim Wourms & truck driver Blaine Foley with his two sons took on the task of moving the bus.
 John F started up the light plant to run the compressor
 while Craig inflated the tires.
We arrived on the bus scene at 9:45 am.
Took a quick look and Jerry
decided the fence had to come down.
Jerry, John B, John D,
 started removing the fence.
Next was to push a truck frame of Tim’s that was parked behind the bus out of the way.

With air now in the tires the idea was to hook a chain up to the back of the bus and Dave's truck was to pull it out a little bit on to a level spot and stop
so Jerry could hook on to the front end and act as anchor as it went down through the gulley. 

Well thinks quickly changed and the bus did not stop on the flat area as planned. 

As the bus did not stop or slow down neither did Dave. 

Not sure how Tim managed to steer it standing up and having no vision out the back of the bus 
however it left the field made down through the gulley and was out on the road. 

John Duerksen commented later that he was certain that the bus was going to gain enough momentum and end up in the back of Dave’s truck however it didn’t.

During the time we were moving the bus out of the field Tim’s relative who drives tow truck
for North River Towing out of Barriere came home. 

With the bus out of the field and on the road it was time to load it on the trailer.
He gave us a helping by winching it up on to the low bed.

John Foley had arranged for Bentwood Enterprises
to donate the use of the truck
and Blaine Foley donated his time as driver.

Here it is parked on the side of Hwy 5
at McClure as it was now lunch time 
we stopped 
at the McClure Cafe for lunch.

"Tranquille”, also referred to as Padova City, was the “King Edward VII Tuberculosis Sanatorium”. The area itself was named “Tranquille” after the Indian Chief “Sanquil”. Tuberculosis or consumption or the white plague, was an epidemic at turn-of-the-century. The land just outside Kamloops city limits, where the North and South Thompson meet and flow into Kamloops Lake, was purchased in 1905 and the tuberculosis hospital began taking patients by 1907. The site is approximately 191 acres and by the 1950s had at least 40 buildings. Tranquille was operated as a tuberculosis sanatorium from its inception until 1958 when it was closed. The facility reopened in 1959 as a home for the mentally challenged, and was shut down permanently in 1984; a victim of government budget cuts. Tranquille has changed hands several times since then. In 1991, A&A Estates bought Tranquille, intending to turn the property into an Italian "homeland" called Padova City. But the project fell through a couple of years later. It has been envisioned as an exclusive resort and a small, completely self-sufficient, sustainable city.


Noella enjoying the beautiful fall weather.
   Arriving at Tranquille did not go quite as planed 
as we could not locate the man with the key to the main gate 
so the bus was pushed off the trailer on to the road

Once it was off the trailer
John Foley had to pull it up the hill 
through a different gate.

around one of the buildings before it got over to where it was intended to go.

As the bus was now as close as we were going to get it to its new parking spot
it was time for John to roll up the tow ropes and call it a day. 

  Thanks to all those that helped with a special thanks to Brentwood Enterprises for supplying the truck and Blaine for driving.

What the inside looks like !

The club bus will now sit under a roof at Tranquille Farms waiting to be restored.