Jume 16th 2011
Cruise Organized by: - Mike Collings
Presented by: - Dave Dickinson
   It was quite nice that our cruise this week took us inside as it was quite cool for a June evening.
However it was dry and there were no mosquitoes.

Doug, John, Lila, Don, Ed & Elaine
sitting back and relaxing before starting cruise

Doug said he brought dessert however he ate it on the way in.

President Bob joins us for supper but could not make the cruise due to another meeting

Lynn and Joy just talking

Must be good as both Dick & Ken have a mouthful
It is a big job for Ernie & Marg  looking after the weekly 50/50.    The best & worst hand split the evening pot.
Al Paulsen & Ray Henry are discussing
next week's cruise as Al is looking after it.

This week I managed to get a picture of the cars as they left the parking lot

Ray Henry {Cruise Night Director}

Ken & Lynn  Littlejohns

Doug McCloy

Dick & Joy Parkes

Al & Judy  Paulsen

Ed & Elaine Shaw

Don Moyer

Jerry & Vicky Wallin

John & Lila Foley

Crag & Marlene Beddie

Ernie & Marg McNaughton

Tour of Kamloops Brewery

Some of their products on display
as you enter the front door.

John checking out some of the barley they use

Lila looking at the mixer

Left over mash is sent out to pig farms
makes for "Happy Pigs"

They try to package
1500 cans or 900 bottles per shift

Dick is all ready to go with his free samples

Joy & Noella figure they came out winners as they got samples of some of the different beers they produce here.