BTA Oil Analysis
Organized by Al Paulsen
Presentation & Photos by Dave Dickinson

Al Paulsen organized this tour to BTA Oil Testing
A company many of us had never heard of before.

They do testing of oil and hydraulic fluids for mining and heavy duty equipment companies plus numerous other companies
 demanding answers to the condition of the oil in their equipment
Such as warranty & insurance claims plus how often should the oil be changed and etc.

Ken Finnigan brought a sample of the oil from one of his MG's.
Al bought a sample of the oil from his Model T Ford [the same oil is used for the motor & transmission]
He said it has been in there for at least 20 years.
Maybe a little far fetched however it was old.

As per usual the gang met at Riverside Park for supper before going up the hill.
However there was a slight mix up this night as the City was doing road construction
so some members went to meet at different spot in the park.
It all worked out for us to leave at the regular time of 7:00 pm

It was a very interesting tour.
They did explain all the different test that they put the oil samples through.
Sorry I was listening but can't tell you what they all test for.

They said as a company they are busy and people must be happy as their work comes from all parts of Canada.
Al takes a look at his oil sample.
Great to look at but did not change the results.
Al & Ken both received a print out regarding their oil samples.
If anyone is interested they can have their oil checked out for approximately $20.00 depending on how many test results that you actually want.
Doug McCloy makes the final draw of a card for the evenings poker fund while Ernie McNaughton checks the results.
Ken Littlejohns looks on hoping he was a winner.
Not sure who the two winners were tonight.
Another successful Cruise Night that was finished off with a trip to the local Dairy Queen for ice cream.
It was their Annual "Blizzard Day"