The weather cooperated with our day for road pick up. We started off with coffee at our house and then at 10:30 everyone grabbed their pick up bags and headed for the roads as we do the Tolko Sawmill road and the road from Hwy #5 over to the store. Some of the ladies do stay at the house to give Noella a hand as everyone returns to our place for a burger and a pot luck lunch. When I see all the food the ladies put out I am convinced that our club does travel on its stomach. The clean up did not take long with 29 members showing up to do the job. We must have done a great job in the fall as there did not seem to be as much garbage this time.

   Once again Bob Chambers [Hop Sing] volunteered to do the cooking. It makes it so much easier for Noella and myself when we have all the help. For those of you that did not manage to make it you missed out on a great lunch and some neat socializing. Oh well you can come in the fall.                         

Thanks to everyone Noella & Dave