Fall 2021
Septemeber 26th, 2021

Presented by: - Dave Dickinson

Twice a year we as a club particpate in the city of Kamloops Adopt A Road program

We meet at 10 am for coffee and Tim Bits that
Sue Wilson picks up on her way out
Our starting spot is the cities #5 Fire Hall located by the Tolko Swmill at Heffley Creek
We clean up Old Highway #5 in front of the sawmill and from highway #97 over to the Heffley Creek Hall.
The actual clean up starts at 10:30 am following coffee.
Every one starts off with a small white garbage bag when it is filled it is left at the side of the road
These are then picked up and put in a larger orange bag supplied by the city
and placed by the fire hall for pick up the next day by the city.
Marilyn & Gerry Gerow

Vicky & Gerry Wallin
Art Harms                                                                                                  Ken Hoshowski
Maryanne & Bernard King are caught discussing the pair of shoes they found
(Deciding they did not fit, they were put in the bag)
Rich Vandermey was by himself this time as his two girls that normally come out help are now attending University

Lila Foley hard at work

While John had time to sit and talk
with the photographer
Following clean up
it was time to head to the
Tournament Capital Ranch 
for our picnic lunch

Ken & Marge Hoshowski
                                                Bernard & Maryanne King                                                                John & Lila Foley

Sal & Art Harms                                                      Marilyn & Gerry Gerow
Missing from the pictures are Sue  Wilson & Rich Vandermey
.Vicky & Gerry Wallin did not join us at the ranch as
Gerry told Vicky that on the way home he would treat her to
lunch on the McClure Ferry 

The McClure Ferry
It was a fun day, hope the club does it again in the spring