FALL 2020
Organized by - Dave Dickinson

For a number of years our Chapter has been involved
 in the City of Kamloops
Adopt A Road program
This year with the Covid virus the city had suspeneded the program.
We did it anyway obeying the PHO's rules
The city would not paticpate so John Duerksen was kind enough to take what we had collected up to the TNRD Heffley Creek recycling depot for us

At 10 am we met at the
Heffley Creek Fire Hall for coffee

Sue Wilson on her way out makes a stop at Tim Horton's to pick up coffee and Tim Bits for the crew.

The crew enjoying their coffee and a chance to socialize before startting the clean up

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Rich says "Did someone say coffee"?

Then at 10:30 it was time to start our clean up

We do the road in fromt of the Tolko Sawmill and then across Hwy #5 as far as the Heffley Creek Hall

Art Harms

Debbie Fransen

Harm Fransen
                                                                                                    Dave Dickinson                                        Dave Costain

Some worked as teams

                                                                                           Peter & Celine Sanderson                                    Gerry & Marilyn Gerow

Ray Henry proudly shows off what he managed to
pick up while doing his part of the clean up

John Duerksen

Mal Dixon & John sitting in John's truck
waiting for the pickers to finish so they can haul
the finish product to the  recycling depot.

After clean up we headed for the Ranch to enjoy  our picnic lunches
(The ranch is the Cities ball Daimonds at Rayleigh)


Hope we see you in the Spring