Organized by: - Jim Carroll
Presented by: - Bill Lindsy
Photos by: - Dave Dickinson

Tonights Cruise was out to Westsyde Auto Service as Bill Lindsey said he would explain what was involved in bringing a car into the province of BC.

Well the night started off with  us checking out Al Paulsen's latest barn find of a 1948  Chevrolet

The restored and the wantabee restored
After leaving  Riverside Park after supper the girls were dropped of at Marg Hoshowski's on the way out to Westsyde for coffee
as they were not interested in the spiel on importing cars to BC
The shop is operated with Bill and his son Mike.
Bill went into great detail what the province is looking for when you bring a car in to BC to make certain that it is road worthy.
It may sound tough on those importing a car but it is in the safety of all those that use the roads.
Bill handed out a number of sheets that related to the things that have to be checked.
He said he could not fudge a government inspection for anyone as if the vehicle was involved in an accident later on
 he could lose his mechanics license and be out of a job.

The size of the tool box and amount of tools a mechanic now requires to do his job is unbelievable.

Bill had a car on the hoist so he could show us the various items as he explained the things to us.

Thanks to Bill we are now a lot wiser when it comes to importing a car in to BC
whether it be Vintage, Collectable or a late model that we are going to use for a second car.