Paint Scraping of the Tranquille Fire Hall

Organized by: - Jerry Wallin & John Foley
Presentation & Photos by: - Dave Dickinson

As the club has been working with Tranquille Farms in regards to the 2013 May Tour the topic of their Fire Hall was brought up.

It was mentioned that we needed space to park the club's Ambulance,  Fire Truck and Tow Truck
 so a deal was made that we would help them restore their Fire Hall

By doing this it would help them with their display and provide us with year parking 

1936 Ford

1945 Ford
So John Foley call a work party to scrape the old paint off the walls and ceiling so it could be painted.

Ray Henry was kind enough to loan us the use of his bucket truck to reach the ceiling.

Clark Borth tells Carig Beddie
 to back her up
Rick Wourms volunteered to ride the bucket and strip the ceiling

Bruce Bawtree is thinking about
getting started

He did get started
Some places the walls had at least three or more coats of paint
Jerry Wallin and John Foley set up the scaffolding

Jake Surline helping on the ceiling

Craig Beddie

Clark Borth

Dick Parkes stipping  one of the doors

Clark watches Jerry cut some plywood to cover up one of the windows

John Foley & Andy Cordonier part way up the hose tower waiting for the plywood piece
 Jerry is cutting
Keith Galbraith installs a solar security and alarm system

Typical union job as time was alloted
 for a coffee break

John Foley & Jerry Wallin set up power plant to make the coffee

{l to r} Keith Galbraith, John Foley,
Andy Cordonier & Jerry Wallin
Ken Hoshowski is explaining to John how the area that is to be used for the May Tour could stand some cleaning up so Gerry & Marilyn Gerow, Cliff Hart and himself were going  over to clean it up.

The morning went quite well so it was time to take a break and have lunch
Jake & KeithJerry. John & CliffBruce, Andy & Craig
With 15 people showing up the work went well enough that 95% was done by 5:00 pm.

Thanks to all of those that came out for the day
MAY 1st. 2013  Move In Day

John Bone doing the driving

Craig Beddie driving the truck

Club Cook Trailer