Cruise Night Drive
August 16th
Presented by: - Dave Dickinson

This Cruise Night there was particular there was no destination so we jsut drove. Del & Claundine Basaraba did invite everyone up to there hose following the drive. However as it was getting late some of those driving vintage did not make the trip up the hill to High Country for the ice cream.

As per other Cruise Nights the evening starts with a picnic in the park

The Bucks are regular attenders. It was nice to see Chick out as she has been quite sick

I think Geri is looking for desert
Elaine Jones already has hers
Summer is starting to come to end as you can see the shadows are getting quite long

Not sure if is the 3 monkeys
Chick Buck & Judy Paulsen visit

while Ernie McNaughton supervises Doug McCloy checks his engine
Thanks to Marg & Ernie McNaughton for looking after the all evenings poker game
The poker funds are split 50/50 between the best and worse hands.
With the evening funds being paid out it was time to go for ice cream