Kamloops Slow Pitch Park
Organized by Jim Carroll
Photos & Presentation by: - Dave Dickinson

We thought we had Cruise Night in the summer
however someone forgot to tell the weather man
 as a Breeze  came up off the river bringing a mighty cold air with it.
Ken Finnigan tells al Paulsen said he knew
he should not have worn shorts tonight

Doug didn't complain
as he got a chance to
snuggle with Sherry 
Some were tougher than others!
Vicky Wallin along with others decided to eat supper in the cars.

Geri Henry talks to Lorraine Finnigan
Some of the cars that made it out for the evening

Leaving Riverside Park
Everyone has to take their turn in the round about.

These are great if the people using it know how they work

After the tour of the Slo-pitch facility it was off to Dickinson's for ice cream to finish off the evening.