June 9th 2011
Cruise organized by : - Rich Vandermey
Presented by: - Dave Dickinson
During the summer we have Cruise Nights each Thursday.
Ray Henry  looks after the scheduling whereas different members take on a different night.
We start at 6:00 pm with supper in the park then at 7:00 the cruise starts.

Doug McCloy had this "Hop Sing" cooking apron and gave it to John Foley 

Lila gets picture of John presenting apron to Jerry Wallin as he does most of the clubs cooking.

Jerry was pleased to receive the apron

John & Lila Foley visit with
Laverne & John Duerksen

Ed & Elaine Shaw sit back and relax

It must have been Ken's turn to cook as they were enjoying a Wendy's special

Likewise for Ernie.
Wendy's likes Thursday nights

It is a great way to have an evening of socializing
Time to pack up the chairs and hit the road to visit the home of 
Kamloops Search & Rescue

The Search & Rescue team is made up of 30 plus volunteers along with
3 trucks & 
4 quads and 4 skidoos
for  doing both
 summer and winter search & rescues.
Everyone was  listening very  closely as we they given a run down on the various equipment
The vintage cars that showed up for the 1st cruise nigt of the year
As the sun was starting to set it was time to head for the A & W for coffee to finish off the evening