Organized by: - Jim Carroll
Presentation by: - Dave Dickinson
Photos by: - Geri Henry & Dave Dickinson

It was a nice evening to have supper in the park
and socialize as there was no wind or wasps

I wonder what Geri is thinking

It appears that John and Ken
are tring to out stare each other.

Frank Amon looks over Ernie's sholder to see if has the wining hand in the evenings poker draw.
Marg Hoshowski says she knows there is good cards in here somewhere

Oh well maybe next time
Strangers in town
heading for the bar

Engel arriving at Western Town

Some locals that have been there
along time playing cards

Ray is seen here checking their hands
to see if anyone is cheating

Is Ray holding up the post
or is it the post holding up Ray?

The local native seems to talk to anyone
that comes along.

Jim Carroll {Cruise Director}
says Good Ice Cream  
Look up and smile