Riversong Guitars
Organized by:- Jim Carroll
Photos by: - Dave Dickinson

It was a nice night for a supper in the park and a cruise.
It turns out that the cruise was very short as it was only 5 blocks in length however the tour was very interesting
as we visited the manufacturing plant of Riversong Guitars.

Doesn't look like anyone brought supper tonight
The cars that made it out for this evening cruise 

Bob Gieselman's '64 Pontiac
Dick Parke's '38 McLaughlin-Buick

Ken Hoshowski's '61 Pontiac

Jerry Wallin's '64 Meteor

John Bone's '73 Chevrolet

Denis Jolicoeur's '66 Meteor

Rich Vandermeys '63 Ford Falcon
                                    Doug McCloy's '66 Mustang                                     Ernie McNaughton's '37 Lincoln-Zephyr

Al Paulsen's '69 Chevrolet

Frank Amen's '84 Corvette

Mel Nordal's '63 T-Bird

Riversong Guitars

Mike Miltimore owner
welcomes us to his manufacturing plant
Mike found that some of the tools he needed he had to design himself.
He employes seven employees on a full time bases.
Mike says that he trys to use as much as possible the different natural woods from British Columbia
 in his guitars making them a product of the province.

It is surprising how many private and unique businesses are operating here in Kamloops.
With out our Thursday Cruise Nights we may never learn about them.
Mike had a guitarist come in to
play one of his guitars for us.

Mike is pleased that his guitars are now getting world reconition by western singers.

Mike has also been presented with an award of recognition from the Federal Government for the achievement of his business.

Cruise Night Poker

In the past Ernie and Marg McNaughton have looked after a poker game on our Cruise Nights.
Cards would be given out at the start, then part way through and at the
end of the Crusie Night.
The pot was always split between the
best and worst hand.

Ernie says when it came to make the pay outs some have gone home so it
became a chore rather than fun.

So unless someone else wants to run it there will not be anymore
Cruise Night poker hands.