NAV {Navigate Canada}Canada
Organized by Jim Carroll
Photos by Dave Dickinson

This was a cruise out to the airport to see the NAV operations at the airport. Navigate Canada is the department that monitors all flights in Canda.
The tower here in Kamloops at Fulton field is for the BC operations.

Just as we arrived the heavens opened up and boy did it rain.
Everyone while running from their car to the NAV building got soaked.
NAV monitors all flight plans of any aircraft travelling over BC. They said it gets quite interesting in the summer when the Mexican and Americans are flying over.
They sometimes don’t know the regulations. One American said “What do you mean I am flying over a foreign country…it is Canada isn’t?”

One problem NAV operators experience is the pilots failing to close their flight plan after landing which means they could be missing.
Then the wives, RCMP and search aircraft get involved so the NAV operators really don’t have to say much to the pilots after the wives are involved.
Control panels that track all aircraft flights
 in, over and around BC
On the back ground is various
current weather maps.
Al Paulsen speaking with one of the operators.From the tower looking towards the Air Termional at Fulton fieldLooking west towards the pulp mill
This tour was great and very informative however for security reasons not a lot of pictures were allowed to be taken.