June 9, 2021

Organized by: - Keith Barron
Photos: - Dave Dickinson

Here it is 2021 Mother's Day along with the Covid Virus.

In the past on this day we would have met
for a short drive and
enjoyed a picnic somewhere.

Well with the Covid virus out there and all the restrictions set in place by the Government and Health Department
it was not going to happen

So Keith came up with an idea that the club member could enjoy their cars and stay within the
health rules currently in place.

It was called "FLOOD THE VALLEY" which meant we would cruise the dowtown streets of Kamloops

The cruzing start time of 1 pm was official,
 but there was no time limit, no starting or finishing place to meet planned

 This meant that we would not have to
worry about socialing distancing

This gave us a chance to drive and enjoy our cars and wave to our friends doing the same thing driving in the opposite direction.

 I drove downtown at 12:15 pm in order to find a place to park so I could get pictures of the cars as they cruised by.
The official start time was 1 pm.
However as some cars where already cruising the street I took pictres from 12:20 pm until 1:45 pm
Sorry if I missed anyone
Members That Participated  In"Flood The Valley"

Keith Barron (Club Vice President & Drive Organizer)

Heather Barron

Steve & Susie Bell (Club Director)

Craig & Marlene Beddie (Club Director)
Engel & Audrey Bouwmeester

Jim & Sherry Carroll (Club President)

Bob & Jeanne Chambers

Terry Davidson

Harm (Club Director)  &
(Club Treasurer) Fransen

Ken & Lorraine Finnigan

John & Lila Foley

Keith Galbraith
Geoff & Judy Gibbard

Gerry & Marilyn Gerow

Bob & Michele  Giselman (Alternate Governor)

Ray & Geri Henry (Club Past President)

Ken & Marge Hoshowski (Club Governor)

Oakley Muchow

Shawna Holmes

Denis & Laura Jolicoeur

Bill Kermode & Friend

Eileen & Charlie Lawrence

Doug McCloy

Carolyn Obieglo

Grant Rice

Peter Sanderson & Friend

Darla Stevens & Nick Scown

Robert & Wendy Sparrow

Rich & Barb Vandermey

John Bone (Club Director) & Mother
Driving Gerry Wallin's car)

Gerry & Vicky Wallin
Some pictures of others that did join us in the cruise