Photos by: - Dave Dickinson

Ron and Rose Mitchell moved up from Richmond and now live on Yankee Flats Road just out of Salmon Arm.
For many years now they are kind enough to open up thier farm for an annual Chicken dinner.
The rumour has it that after all these years that this one could be the last.

The different car clubs in the area are invited so a number of our members make the jounery down.

On the way down we stopped at
the Hwy 97 Diner for lunch
Looked at a couple of week end projects sitting in the yard but decided to leave them.

At Falkland some of the gang stopped off at the local Museum.

If you have not been there it is a worthwhile stop. Not a big museum but interesting.

As some cars were already there we drove around to the back of the house so we could park as a group.

On our arrival Ron was sitting with one of his quiet buddies besides his orange beauty

This Mercury is one of Ron's personal cars.

These are two more. He sure does like to drive very neat cars.
Cars came from all parts of the Okanagan including Vintage & Rods

It  was a nice mix and none of the cars got into a fight.
Then there was the regular cars and trucks also.
Ron's two sons run a body shop down on the bottom of the property near the chicken coupes

Neat display before you reach their shop

The size of tool boxes now adays is unbelievable
Are these cars waiting for future projects....... Maybe?

After touring the shop it was time to enjoy the chicken

Some of the members from the Shuswap Chapter help
with the BBQing of the chicken and serving of the meal.

Did not have to yell "Chicken Ready" more than once

It was great day for a drive , a meal and friendship.

 Let's hope it is not a thing of the past