Mitchell's 16th Annual Chicken Run
July 21, 2013
Photos by : - Marg McNaughton, Jerry Wallin, Dave Dickinson

As members arrived at the Valleyview A & W
Marg McNaughton gave everyone a map
as some had not been to Mitchell's before.
Driving on the Barnhartvale road
We stopped at the Ranch Cafe in Falkland for lunch
Considering they did not know we were coming, service was fast and the lunch was good.

Short drive later we arrived at Mitchell's
As the temperature was 35 it did not take Ernie & John long to set up their tents
Marg says there goes a chicken.

Didn't anyone else see it?

No not really Marg

As it was hot some decided to sit in the shade and visit ......

.... while others went to look at the various cars.
A very nice 57 Oldsmobile with tri power carbs. Don't often see this

.... others went down to the restoration shop

Cars or parts waiting for future restorations
Looking down from the house on the Kamloops group

Carolyn says "Good by" it is too hot
We're heading for the lake.
The line up for supper went pretty quick
There was Chicken, 6 salads, beans,
pickles and buns.

KFC move aside as it was a great dinner.
After supper people left at their leisure for the trip home.