May 20-23rd
Presentation by Dave Dickinson

KAMLOOPS CHAPTER had a good showing for this tour.

The following members came and drove cars.

Al & Judy Paulsen, Bob & Michelle Gieselman, Craig & Marlene Beddie, Del & Claudine Basaraba,
Dave & Noella Dickinson, Dick & Joy Parkes, Engel & Audrey Bouwmeester, Ernie & Marg McNaughton,

Glenn Gallagher & Peggy Irwin,
Ivan & Darlene Lejeunesse, Jay Gallagher & Sue Adams, Jerry & Vicky Wallin,
John & Lila Foley, John & Linda Rostron, Ken & Marg Hoshowski, Richard & Helen Maki, Tim & Barb Wourms


The ladies were setting up the registration desk.

The table was full of items for the raffle. You pick the item and bucket that you wanted to put your raffle ticket in.

The day started with a tour to the Ovino Winery then a stop over at Mitchell's Body Shop.
Not everyone went as some had been before to Mitchell's at their Annual Chicken Feed.

Some of the cars that were parked in the drive way at Ovino Winery 
Lila Foley heads up the steps that lead to the Winery & Heaven while Audry, Marg, John (Ken's back to us) & Engel stand around and chat


Barb Wourms, Lila Foley & Lorraine Grant

Dick Parkes, Marg Hoshowski & Marlen Beddie
After having breakfast you could pick up your box lunches seen here on the table.

Following breakfast the cars where divided into a Red & Green group for the morning tour before ending up at Haney Park for lunch.

Line Up of Cars for the Green Tour

Nice pair of Oldsmobiles

Jim MacDonald visits with Audrey & Engel Bouwmeester

This 1925 Nash won People's Choice


A couple of neat oldies

A scene that you do not see very often.
This garage was constructed by the Shuswap Chapter members.
This 1935 Duesenberg belongs to the Johnson Group

(l to r) Marlene Beddie, Ken & Marg Hoshowski,
Vicky Wallin & Noella Dickinson

Noella & Dave Dickinson pose with their 1933 Hupmobile

Some of the Cars to be Judged

Chief Judge John Carlson explains judging to new junior judge

Saturday Night was a Beach Party

A bunch of bathing beauties

I have heard of Bucket List however I beleive this fits in the category of Bucket Head [Chapter President Bob Gieselman]

Marlene & Craig Beddie

Public Showing of the cars at the Fairgrounds
National President Derek Long's 1928 Dodge
Cars came big & black in those days
Glenn Gallagher's 1929  Pierce ArrowMax Shield's 1935 Packard

This 1925 Nash won "People's Choice"
While cars were on display
Jay and Sue read the paperwhile others ate

Barb Wourms trying to catch some rays of the very little sun we had

A couple of characters [Fraser Field & Ron Morris]

(l to r) Ernie & Marg McNaughton, John & Lila Foley
appear as they are looking at their lunches more than eating them

Jerry & Vicky Wallin look on

I think we took over the whole walk way

Engel Bouwmeester & Dick Parkes wonder about this valve cover racing?

Idelle Watkins lines up her valve cover for a practice run

Sunday night was a Black & White Evening for the Awards Banquet

Audrey & Engel Bouwmeester

Noella & Dave Dickinson

Peggy Irwin & Glenn Gallaghger

Dick & Joy Parkes along with Darlene & Ivan Lejeunese

The Gang from Kamloops