Photos supplied by: - Bill Kermode, Dave Dickinson,
Garet Tanner, Ken Hoshowski, Lila Foley 

The day was cool, but not raining in Kamloops.  However, we did not know what to expect at Logan  Lake.
The weather turned out just like years ago {at UBC}

Once again Bob & Michele Gielseman are ready to lead the driving tour.
This time to Logan Lake via Lac Le Jeune for a coffee stop.

Bryan Vye with his 1921 Dodge
 behind him direct traffic to the
Lac Le Jeune campsite
for the coffee stop.

Garry Grant, John Foley & Andy Cordonier
watch as the cars arrive

People of all ages were waiting for the cars

Including the parking committee.

Once again John's trailer
comes into play.
This time as a mobile coffee shop.

After coffee, home made cookies and a visit it was time to head for Logan Lake for lunch.

Steve Bell was checking with
Kathy Kovacs if coffee was ready.

Kitchen staff just waiting.

Don Potts stands by club cook trailer
with chili ready to go.

Andy Cordonier & Ray Henry watch the cars arrive at Logan Lake.

Frank Amon shows
the way to parking.

With all the cars parked it was time to head for lunch.
Steve Bell cooks the
grill cheese sandwiches.

Marlene Beddie helps Steve.

Jan Surline tries to get grandchildren to stand still for picture.

John's trailer in the background served up the balance of the cookies and coffee.

Lunch over it was time to head for home via Tunkwa Lake & Savona.
Side tours available to Highland Valley Copper Mine Site
The Left Field Cidery

Back on the road again heading home.

Ron Buck helps
Jake Surline {Tour Director} direct traffic on the way down the hill as he did not need the mechanic.