Photos supplied by: - Dave Dickinson, Garet Tanner,
Jan Surline, Lila Foley, & Ken Hoshowski 

The day started off with judging of the cars.
While this was happening there was three different tours
for those that were not having their car judged.

The crew was ready
to tell you where to go if necessary
Horticultural Tour

Part of the Shop Tour

Kamshaft Editor caught taking picture.

of Cooler Bag

In front of the TRU Activity Center

Judges comparing notes!

Chief Judge John Carlson {left}
explaining something to judges
Terry Johnson & Bill Trant

Driving Tour to Tranquille
Getting ready for Tranquille

Kamshaft Editor arrives

Let's go

Doug McCloy & helper helping with traf 's  1939 Cadillac
Helen Huffman
        & Elaine Trant

{Remember the days
when the girls sat up front}
Audrey & Engel Bouwmeester {1926 Studebaker}

Bouwmeester's grandson Keenan

Think he is looking for my cookie?
The crew was busy getting set up to serve lunch
John Foley brought everything out in out in his trailer.

Don Potts made all the pulled pork for the sandwiches.

{What it took to make the pulled pork. It was marinated for 2 hours,
then cooked for 1 hour at 400deg,  then 200deg for 6 hours.
After it was cooked it was left to rest for 1 hour then pulled and marinated.}

{ A pulled pork expect told Don it was the best he had ever had }

Steve Bell did a fanastic job looking after the tours catering and the creating of the hot meals for the driving tours. 

Everyone thought lunch was great!
When the Carlson's and Johnson's
grow up they hope they can have
      BIG Table

After lunch some of the crew takes a break.
Having the cars and lunch on the lawn in front of the old admiinistration build sure did make for a nice setting.

Jerry Wallin had fun talking to Dave Proctor about his 1911 McLaughlin as Dave has a 1912.
Dave really know his cars when it comes to Antique Vehicles as he has 10 of his own.
{Yes.  It does run as he demonstrates giving Niki Bone a ride}
After lunch wwe were entertained by a group calling themselves "The Laughing Stock Theatre"
{They lived up to their name as they had the crowd moaning, groaning and laughing}.
When Tranquille was open this area was referred to as the sunken garden.
The crowd listening to "The Laughing Stock"
Following the Laughing Stock it was time for our girls to present their
5 stop Tranquille information tour.

Jan Surline reads out how the Tour is going to be.
{She actullay lived here at Tranquille
when she was a young girl.}
Walk this way

Three of the stops {A number of people stated they were coming back when there was more time}
This is were the club is going to be storing the club vehicles.
{1952 Austin Sheeline Ambulance. 1945 Ford Wrecker, 1937 Ford Lafrance y years ago.

They were fantastic as their show went untill 11:30 and no one left early.

This was a record for a May Tour as normally most people are in be by 10:30 pm.