Photos by Dave Dickinson

Don Potts, Craig Beddie & Steve Bell set up club cook trailer

John Foley, Steve Bell [Cook] Elaine Shaw
Don Moyer, Tom LaFreniere & Susan Bell watch
while Steve performs his magic

Craig says his chicken is done so I'm out of here

Boy is that chicken tough!

Jake Surline & Jerry Wallin just hanging around as the bar is not open
Jake Surline, John Duerksen, President Bob Gieselman, Dick Parkes & Ernie McNaughton wait to be called for supper.

While others wait inside

Ken & Marg Hoshowski

Ed & Elaine Shaw

Vicky Wallin, Joy Parkes, Jeanne Chambers & Lila Foley

Chic Buck, Noella Dickinson, Marg McNaughton & Jan Surline
Ron Buck & Jerry Wallin catch up on what has been happening likewise with Don Potts & Ken Hoshowski
With our club there is always lot's of food as our club seems to travel on it's stomach

A friend of mine from the Hupmobile Club said that a Vintage Car tour is
"Just a Crooked Road Between Meals"

Once again the cooking crew clean up the trailer and it is put away waiting for our next event.

Following supper various members visit and wait until meeting time