Hot Nite In The City
August 7th, 2021
Presented by Dave Dickinson
(Photos supplied by John Bone, Ken Hoshowski &
Dave Dickinson)




   I was not there at the closing so I have no report on whether any of our members received awards. 


I have had a number of people ask me why it is called HNITC when it is held during the day on a Saturday. When the Vintage Car first started HNITC 27 years ago it was on a Thursday evening. I remember Les Batchelor, Roy Moldenhauer and myself pacing off Victoria Street trying to figure out how many cars we could squeeze in as the city had only allowed us to use the 100 & 200 blocks of Victoria Street starting at 4 pm in the afternoon.. Due a number of reasons it was moved to a Saturday. As time went on it got so big that a separate HNITC Committee took over the reigns and made it the size and success it is now. Ron popove has been the chairman since 2000.
  I thought I was going to be away at the time so I did not register my car this year.
My son Duane was in town so we went down to the Yacht Club at 6:30 am where the club members were to  line up so they could enter the downtown all at the same time.
Keith Barron being on the HNITC committee managed to reserve 20 spots together for the Vintage Car Club,
As the cars arrived at the Yacht Club president Jim had a list of the 20 that had contact Keith and they were put in one line and the remaining in a second a nd third line with hopes there would be room for them also.
From what I saw later on downtown it appeared they all got to park in the same area.

Over here Rick as Jim had a list of who was to park where

Jim Welcomes Rick Worms

Jeanine Worms  & her '69 VW

Jim Carroll's '73 Ford Toeino

Grant Rice & Terry Davidson  have a visit

Ken Finnigan (not his car)
Here Jim is welcoming Carolyn Obieglo
It turns out because of the wildfires she hat to
 vacate her home in Pritchard.
This meant that she and her dog with 5 puppies were liiving out of the car at the time.
Being the good sport she is,... she took it all in good spirits.
As it gets quite crowded downtown this year I did most of my picture taking of the members at the Yacht Club
while they wre  lining up.

I did leave the Yacht Club just before the group pulled out at 7:00 so I managed to get some pictures of the cars as they turned from 3rd Avenue on to Victoria Street.

Keith Barron, Don Potts,Nick Scown Rich Vandermey
went directly downtown very eraly to secure the 20 reserved  parking spots for the club
When the group was arriving from the Yacht Club Rich was there to greet them on the corner.
Thanks to John Bone and Ray Henry for bringing out the club vehicles

This show was Florence's coming out as it was her first show.

Some members even found time to eat
If you ride your bike downtown
Don't worry about a parking spot as the city now has
 parking allocated just for  bikes.
I was not there when the wawards where presnted so I can not report on if any our members won antthing

Keith Barron said that due to the Covid Virus the "Bright Lite Award" was not given out this year