Organized by Jim Carroll
Phots by Dave Dickinson

Tonights Cruise was over to the old KXA grounds to visit Horizon North Manufacturing.
This firm constructs portable units to connected to form camps in the oil and mining industry.
Not certain on the amount of employees but I believe around 600 as they construct do everything from the interior including cupboards,
electrical wiring, plumbing and finishing.
Then there is the transportation department that move all the units.
Once the units are on site another crew moves in for the installation.
It is all very well organized and timed for each department.
Here we are waiting for our tour guides.
Because of the number of members attending
we were split into two groups.
We were taken into the conference room where we were all issued with hard hats and safety goggles.
Following this performance we were given a run down on the company and its operation. Notes should have been taken so they could go along with the pictures.

We did not need the safety goggles as most of the crew had shut it down for supper.

Looks like he could have been a foreman !!!

This is where it all starts with the floor and sub frame.
Then comes the walls.

This particular unit is going to be a bunk house
for the men.
Some units are designed as Kitchens and Wash houses to complement a camp. 
Here the loader is removing a finished product to be stored until it is transported to a camp somewhere.
With the interesting tour over it was time to return the safety equipment, thank our guides and call it quits.