Photos by Dave Dickinson & Don Potts 

Twice a year our club participates in the Kamloops Adopt A Road Cleanup program.
Following the clean up we have a BBQ and pot luck lunch
at Dickinson's

(see Adopt A Road for pictures)

   The Heffley Creek Society decided to thank us for the number of years that we have been doing the road clean up on their road so they held a pancake breakfast for us.
They also invited bikes and the local rod club to make the day into a Show & Shine helping to promote their hall.

Doug McCloy's '66 Mustang

Virgil Lysgaard's '24 Ford T &
Ray Henry's '24 Buick

Early arrivals for the start of the line up.
(Lto R) Guy Arcand '56 red Chev pickup, Don Moyer's '51 Pontiac
Dick Parkes '38 McLaughlin-Buick & Jerry Wallin's '64 Meteor

Dick had before and after pictures of his car.

No Andy did not have to park on the hill.
It was because they wanted his truck visible to the public passing by.

Clark Borth's '30 Ford Model A Roadster

(L to R) Ray Henry's '24 Buick, Noella  & Dave Dickinson's '73 Vette & '28 Hupmobile,Otto & Lynn  Oltman's 66 Volkswagen

Don Lurkin's  TR7, Ron Buck's {Blue Jacket} '41 Dodge
& Ed Shaw's maroon  '53 Packard
Ron Buck's '41 Dodge that travel 12476 miles across Canada and back

Ed Shaw's '53 Packard

Glenn Gallagher's '29 Pierce Arrow

Craig Beddie's '47 F100 Mercury &
Terry Davidson's '66 Mercury M-100 

Craig's Mercury  looking as good as ever with it's smiling grill

Two Mercurys Terry's '66 & Doug Smather's '65 Comet 

Del Basaraba's  '56 T-Bird

Rich Vandermey's '60 Falcon Ranchero
Bill Lindsey's '30 Ford Model A
Tim Wourm's '59 Chevrolet

You do not see many Rancheros

Some of the bikes that came.

(L to R) VirgilLysgaard, Otto Oltman, Doug McCloy, & Andy Cordonier

John Duerksen thinks he has a winner 

(R to L) Ernie McNaughton's '64 Mustang & John Foley's 64 Chevrolet

Fran Hart is trying to buy the winning ticket
while the boys look at the cars.

Elaine & Ed Shaw recalling the days when they had a Model T

Virgil Lysgaard discussing the motor of
Jason Tasko's '40 Dodge

John Foley can not resist a good looking girl selling tickets

Everyone is laughing as it must be the wait line for the restroom.

(L to R) Jeanne Chambers talks with Joy Parkes
while Bob Chambers leans on the the fender of his '55 Pontac
 talking to Ken Hoshowski.

Ken  is concentrating on something.

(L to R) Jerry Wallin, Dick Parkes, Ken Hoshowski, & John Foley

Jason, & John are looking at some of the books Glenn Gallagher
brought along about his various cars.

Wondering if Del is thinking of trading his T-Bird for Virgil's Model T

Ernie McNaughton keeping up his good work

(L to R)  Don Moyer, Bob & Jeanne Chanbers
Diane Moyer, Ed & Elaine Shaw

Tim & Barb Wourms enjoy the pancake breakfast that we received from the Heffley Creek ladies

Cliff Hart sits at the head of the table

Marlene & Craig Beddie have finished their breakfast now just visiting

(L to R) Ken Hoshowski, Glenn Gallagher, & John Duerkson

Marg Hoshowski, Vicky Wallin & Noella Dickinson talk with
Laverne Duerksen while Ken Hoshowski & Al Paulsen look on

Besides the Vintage their was some beautiful rods
The weather has been pretty unsure lately however today the sun was shining and it was 22 degrees.
Thanks very much to the ladies of the Heffley Creek Society for the pancake breakfast as they did a great job.