Gerico Wood Products
Organized by  Engel & Audrey Bouwmeester
Photos by Dave Dickinson

Engel & Audrey Bouwmeester's son Nicolas is foreman for this comapany and it's work is quite different so they arranged a tour through the two plants that make
the decorative top sheet for finished plywood.

Don't know what John was
eating but looks good.

Ray [Cruise Night Director] & Geri Henry
along with Doug McCloy
It was nice to see Donna Mellquist &
Tom Lafreniere out along with their grandchildren
as Cruise Nights are for the family.
Some of the cars that the members drove.
Nicolas's son is already
to start the tour with his dad.
At Plant #1 they thinly slice specialty wood brought in from the Unitied States.
Afterwards it is sliced it is moved over to Plant #2 for fitting and glueing.
The finished product is trucked to California.

Members cars parked at Plant #2

Members have a opportunity to do some more socializing while they wait
to start part two of our Cruise Night Tour.
Nicolas explains how the slice boards brought over from Plant #1 are fitted together and glued.
Thanks to Nicolas Bouwmeester for taking his time for us to visit Gerico Wood Products.