March 31st, 2013
Parade Marshall Dick Parkes
Photos by Dave & Duane Dickinson
Collection of Pictures by Peter Howard

Each year a different marque is featured and this year it was the "Mustang"

In the past we have started our Easter Sunday off with a
pancake breakfast at Westsyde Park.

This year Cooper Foods at the Westsyde Mall wanted us to hold our breakfast in their parking lot.
As the Mall was under construction and after much discussion at the preliminary meeting
for the parade the cooks decided that we would give it a try.

After breakfast was over at 11:00 and everything was put away the
manager from Coopers came over and said that the
Fireman had always sold hot dogs and this year they were at a fire
and could not attend. As all their hot dogs, buns and pop were ready to go
would we consider starting up our grill up again to serve hot dogs.
Our cooks agreed and did it ever get busy.
Duane Dickinson
having his morning coffee
Dean Mackley & Julian Slotylak
enjoying  their breakfasts
Lila Foley
said it was real good
as she ate it all
Vicky Wallin just starting her breakfast

Marilyn Gerow talks with our
 Easter Bunny {Elaine Jones}

John Foley assists head cook
Steve Bell
Hi Suzie! Suzie Bell gets her Sunday breakfast prepared for her by husband Steve
Marlene Beddie visits with Faye Ewasiuk
{Friend from the Coast}
Marg McNaughton chats it up
with Del Basaraba
while he is eating his pancake breakfast
Our cookie girls {l-r}
Marg Hoshowski, Vicky Wallin,
Lila Foley & Judy Paulsen

As the breakfast was at Westsyde Shopping Center
the cars started lining up at 8:30 am this year instead of the usual 11:00 am
This meant a new challenge for the members looking after check in and the line up.

Gerry Gerow's
1930 Model A Ford
Ernie McNaughton's
1937 Lincoln-Zephyr {1st Time out}
Dave Dickinson's
1933 Hupmobile

Dick Parkes
Parade Marshall
Members direct cars to where they should be for the line up

Al Paulsen's Model A

Jay Gallagher's
1927 Pierce-Arrow

Ray Henry's 1924 Buick
Bruce Bowtree's 1932 Rockne

Marlene Beddie gets the hot dog buns ready for the cooks Noella Dickinson and her grandson Jayden
said the dogs where good.
"Kids of all ages love Hot Dogs"

As per schedule our parade is to leave at 1:00 pm
Our parade Marshall Dick Parkes take his position on top of the club's fire truck to once again
to give final instructions to prevent gaps in the parade.
He explains that if we keep close contact with each other the parade does go through
the red lights as the Police Traffic Section and Shriners Motor Corps are there to help us.
Having so many drivers there, all of them don't seem to listen as each year we experience someone stopping for a red light.
Don't know if it is a participate or someone that has worked their way into the parade.

Thanks to the RCMP Traffic Section and the Shriners Motor Corps for their help each year with traffic.

As Mustangs are the featured car they lead the parade following the police


After arriving at Riverside Park people relax and enjoy the cars

The Club's Memorial Plaque was on display near the cookie sales
{l-r} Don Potts, Andy Cordonier,
Lila Foley & Judy Paulsen
Set Up Cookie Sales

Keith Buchanan & George Kidner
{Two members of the past reminisce about their good times they had in our club}

Thanks again to Mike's Towing
as each year they provide a truck should anyone have any problems.
It turned out to be another trouble free day.

Shown below are Thumbnails shots of each car as they arrived at Riverside Park
This was our best year yet with 130 cars.

Easter Parade 2013
001-ATNEP13- (1)
002-ATNEP13- (2)
003-ATNEP13- (3)
004-ATNEP13- (4)
005-ATNEP13- (5)
006-ATNEP13- (6)
007-ATNEP13- (7)
008-ATNEP13- (8)
009-ATNEP13- (9)
010-ATNEP13- (10).JPG
010-ATNEP13- (10)
011-ATNEP13- (11).JPG
011-ATNEP13- (11)
012-ATNEP13- (12).JPG
012-ATNEP13- (12)
013-ATNEP13- (13).JPG
013-ATNEP13- (13)
014-ATNEP13- (14).JPG
014-ATNEP13- (14)
015-ATNEP13- (15).JPG
015-ATNEP13- (15)
016-ATNEP13- (16).JPG
016-ATNEP13- (16)
017-ATNEP13- (17).JPG
017-ATNEP13- (17)
018-ATNEP13- (19).JPG
018-ATNEP13- (19)
019-ATNEP13- (20).JPG
019-ATNEP13- (20)
020-ATNEP13- (21).JPG
020-ATNEP13- (21)
021-ATNEP13- (22).JPG
021-ATNEP13- (22)
022-ATNEP13- (23).JPG
022-ATNEP13- (23)
023-ATNEP13- (24).JPG
023-ATNEP13- (24)
024-ATNEP13- (25).JPG
024-ATNEP13- (25)
025-ATNEP13- (26).JPG
025-ATNEP13- (26)
026-ATNEP13- (27).JPG
026-ATNEP13- (27)
027-ATNEP13- (28).JPG
027-ATNEP13- (28)
028-ATNEP13- (29).JPG
028-ATNEP13- (29)
029-ATNEP13- (30).JPG
029-ATNEP13- (30)
030-ATNEP13- (31).JPG
030-ATNEP13- (31)
031-ATNEP13- (32).JPG
031-ATNEP13- (32)
032-ATNEP13- (33).JPG
032-ATNEP13- (33)
033-ATNEP13- (34).JPG
033-ATNEP13- (34)
034-ATNEP13- (35).JPG
034-ATNEP13- (35)
035-ATNEP13- (36).JPG
035-ATNEP13- (36)
036-ATNEP13- (37).JPG
036-ATNEP13- (37)
037-ATNEP13- (38).JPG
037-ATNEP13- (38)
038-ATNEP13- (39).JPG
038-ATNEP13- (39)
039-ATNEP13- (40).JPG
039-ATNEP13- (40)
040-ATNEP13- (41).JPG
040-ATNEP13- (41)
041-ATNEP13- (42).JPG
041-ATNEP13- (42)
042-ATNEP13- (43).JPG
042-ATNEP13- (43)
043-ATNEP13- (44).JPG
043-ATNEP13- (44)
044-ATNEP13- (45).JPG
044-ATNEP13- (45)
045-ATNEP13- (46).JPG
045-ATNEP13- (46)
046-ATNEP13- (47).JPG
046-ATNEP13- (47)
047-ATNEP13- (48).JPG
047-ATNEP13- (48)
048-ATNEP13- (49).JPG
048-ATNEP13- (49)
049-ATNEP13- (50).JPG
049-ATNEP13- (50)
050-ATNEP13- (51).JPG
050-ATNEP13- (51)
051-ATNEP13- (52).JPG
051-ATNEP13- (52)
052-ATNEP13- (53).JPG
052-ATNEP13- (53)
053-ATNEP13- (54).JPG
053-ATNEP13- (54)
054-ATNEP13- (55).JPG
054-ATNEP13- (55)
055-ATNEP13- (56).JPG
055-ATNEP13- (56)
056-ATNEP13- (57).JPG
056-ATNEP13- (57)
057-ATNEP13- (58).JPG
057-ATNEP13- (58)
058-ATNEP13- (59).JPG
058-ATNEP13- (59)
059-ATNEP13- (60).JPG
059-ATNEP13- (60)
060-ATNEP13- (61).JPG
060-ATNEP13- (61)
061-ATNEP13- (62).JPG
061-ATNEP13- (62)
062-ATNEP13- (63).JPG
062-ATNEP13- (63)
063-ATNEP13- (64).JPG
063-ATNEP13- (64)
064-ATNEP13- (65).JPG
064-ATNEP13- (65)
065-ATNEP13- (67).JPG
065-ATNEP13- (67)
066-ATNEP13- (68).JPG
066-ATNEP13- (68)
067-ATNEP13- (69).JPG
067-ATNEP13- (69)
068-ATNEP13- (70).JPG
068-ATNEP13- (70)
069-ATNEP13- (72).JPG
069-ATNEP13- (72)
070-ATNEP13- (73).JPG
070-ATNEP13- (73)
071-ATNEP13- (74).JPG
071-ATNEP13- (74)
072-ATNEP13- (75).JPG
072-ATNEP13- (75)
073-ATNEP13- (76).JPG
073-ATNEP13- (76)
074-ATNEP13- (77).JPG
074-ATNEP13- (77)
075-ATNEP13- (78).JPG
075-ATNEP13- (78)
076-ATNEP13- (79).JPG
076-ATNEP13- (79)
077-ATNEP13- (80).JPG
077-ATNEP13- (80)
078-ATNEP13- (81).JPG
078-ATNEP13- (81)
079-ATNEP13- (82).JPG
079-ATNEP13- (82)
080-ATNEP13- (83).JPG
080-ATNEP13- (83)
081-ATNEP13- (84).JPG
081-ATNEP13- (84)
082-ATNEP13- (85).JPG
082-ATNEP13- (85)
083-ATNEP13- (86).JPG
083-ATNEP13- (86)
084-ATNEP13- (87).JPG
084-ATNEP13- (87)
085-ATNEP13- (88).JPG
085-ATNEP13- (88)
086-ATNEP13- (89).JPG
086-ATNEP13- (89)
087-ATNEP13- (90).JPG
087-ATNEP13- (90)
088-ATNEP13- (91).JPG
088-ATNEP13- (91)
089-ATNEP13- (92).JPG
089-ATNEP13- (92)
090-ATNEP13- (93).JPG
090-ATNEP13- (93)
091-ATNEP13- (94).JPG
091-ATNEP13- (94)
092-ATNEP13- (95).JPG
092-ATNEP13- (95)
093-ATNEP13- (96).JPG
093-ATNEP13- (96)
094-ATNEP13- (97).JPG
094-ATNEP13- (97)
095-ATNEP13- (98).JPG
095-ATNEP13- (98)
096-ATNEP13- (100).JPG
096-ATNEP13- (100)
097-ATNEP13- (101).JPG
097-ATNEP13- (101)
098-ATNEP13- (102).JPG
098-ATNEP13- (102)
099-ATNEP13- (103).JPG
099-ATNEP13- (103)
100-ATNEP13- (104).JPG
100-ATNEP13- (104)
101-ATNEP13- (105).JPG
101-ATNEP13- (105)
102-ATNEP13- (107).JPG
102-ATNEP13- (107)
103-ATNEP13- (108).JPG
103-ATNEP13- (108)
104-ATNEP13- (109).JPG
104-ATNEP13- (109)
105-ATNEP13- (110).JPG
105-ATNEP13- (110)
106-ATNEP13- (112).JPG
106-ATNEP13- (112)
107-ATNEP13- (113).JPG
107-ATNEP13- (113)
108-ATNEP13- (114).JPG
108-ATNEP13- (114)
109-ATNEP13- (115).JPG
109-ATNEP13- (115)
110-ATNEP13- (116).JPG
110-ATNEP13- (116)
111-ATNEP13- (117).JPG
111-ATNEP13- (117)
112-ATNEP13- (118).JPG
112-ATNEP13- (118)
113-ATNEP13- (119).JPG
113-ATNEP13- (119)
114-ATNEP13- (120).JPG
114-ATNEP13- (120)
115-ATNEP13- (121).JPG
115-ATNEP13- (121)
116-ATNEP13- (122).JPG
116-ATNEP13- (122)
117-ATNEP13- (123).JPG
117-ATNEP13- (123)
118-ATNEP13- (124).JPG
118-ATNEP13- (124)
119-ATNEP13- (125).JPG
119-ATNEP13- (125)
120-ATNEP13- (126).JPG
120-ATNEP13- (126)
121-ATNEP13- (127).JPG
121-ATNEP13- (127)
122-ATNEP13- (128).JPG
122-ATNEP13- (128)
123-ATNEP13- (129).JPG
123-ATNEP13- (129)
124-ATNEP13- (130).JPG
124-ATNEP13- (130)
125-ATNEP13- (131).JPG
125-ATNEP13- (131)
126-ATNEP13- (132).JPG
126-ATNEP13- (132)
127-ATNEP13- (133).JPG
127-ATNEP13- (133)
128-ATNEP13- (134).JPG
128-ATNEP13- (134)
129-ATNEP13- (135).JPG
129-ATNEP13- (135)
130-ATNEP13- (136).JPG
130-ATNEP13- (136)
131-ATNEP13- (137).JPG
131-ATNEP13- (137)
132-ATNEP13- (138).JPG
132-ATNEP13- (138)
133-ATNEP13- (139).JPG
133-ATNEP13- (139)
134-ATNEP13- (140).JPG
134-ATNEP13- (140)
135-ATNEP13- (141).JPG
135-ATNEP13- (141)
136-ATNEP13- (142).JPG
136-ATNEP13- (142)

138-BTNEP13- CEPTn13 P-
                    (40) (21) copy.JPG
139-cTNEP13- (170) (1).JPG 140-cTNEP13- (170) (2).JPG
140-cTNEP13- (170) (2)
141-cTNEP13- (170) (3).JPG 142-cTNEP13- (170) (4).JPG
142-cTNEP13- (170) (4)
143-cTNEP13- (170) (5).JPG
143-cTNEP13- (170) (5)
144-cTNEP13- (170) (6).JPG
144-cTNEP13- (170) (6)
145-cTNEP13- (170) (7).JPG
145-cTNEP13- (170) (7)
146-cTNEP13- (170) (8).JPG 147-cTNEP13- (170) (9).JPG
147-cTNEP13- (170) (9)
148-cTNEP13- (170) (10).JPG
148-cTNEP13- (170) (10)
149-cTNEP13- (170) (11).JPG
149-cTNEP13- (170) (11)
150-cTNEP13- (170) (12).JPG
150-cTNEP13- (170) (12)
151-cTNEP13- (170) (13).JPG
151-cTNEP13- (170) (13)
152-cTNEP13- (170) (14).JPG
152-cTNEP13- (170) (14)
153-cTNEP13- (170) (15).JPG
153-cTNEP13- (170) (15)
154-cTNEP13- (170) (16).JPG
154-cTNEP13- (170) (16)
155-cTNEP13- (170) (17).JPG
155-cTNEP13- (170) (17)
156-cTNEP13- (170) (18).JPG
156-cTNEP13- (170) (18)
157-cTNEP13- (170) (19).JPG
157-cTNEP13- (170) (19)
158-cTNEP13- (170) (20).JPG
158-cTNEP13- (170) (20)
159-cTNEP13- (170) (21).JPG
159-cTNEP13- (170) (21)
160-cTNEP13- (170) (22).JPG
160-cTNEP13- (170) (22)
161-cTNEP13- (170) (23).JPG
161-cTNEP13- (170) (23)
162-cTNEP13- (170) (24).JPG
162-cTNEP13- (170) (24)
163-cTNEP13- (170) (25).JPG
163-cTNEP13- (170) (25)
164-cTNEP13- (170) (26).JPG
164-cTNEP13- (170) (26)
165-cTNEP13- (170) (27).JPG
165-cTNEP13- (170) (27)

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