Sunday April 4th
Organized by: - Rich Vandermey
Photos supplied by: - Dave Dickinson

Becuase of the Corvid virus and the health regulations it was debatable if we were going
to be allowed to hold this drive.

With a lot of headaches and careful planning thanks to Rich Vandermey
we managed to hold an Easter Drive
Over the past 40 plus years we had Easter Parades however with the restricitions
it is no longer a parade but a drive instead.

In the past the day would start with a pancake breakfast then at 1:00 pm
with a police escort we would
drive to Riverside Park for a viewing of the cars by the public.
We met and started at the Norbrock stadium,
As Rich handed out the Driving Route he asked that everyone please stay in their cars.

Here Rich is giving club president
Jim Carroll
his instructions and route map
If anyone was to get out of their car to socialize they were
asked to wear a mask, practice social distancing,
and keep within their social bubble
We did not want to have any problems with Interor Health
that may interfere with future club events over the summer.
At 1:00 pm Rich with his family sttarted our drive as he had given the seniors reseidences an approximately time we were expected to arrive
The first vist was to the Hamlets
I thought it was going to be a little hectick with the mall traffice and getting into the parking lot.
Members were told to keep left as they truned into the Hamlet parking lot.
With evryone keeping to their left it went very well
Leaving the Hamlet it was driving East along Westsyde Road until the light on 8th.
Going straight onto Ord Road and out past the airport

After the airport it was time to visit Riverbend
Leaving Riverbend we went next door to the Mayfair
It is a smaller complex so we did not see as many residents outside
After the Mayfair we drove up 12th and pass the
Overlander Long term Care Home 
The remaing trip was through North Kamloops & Down town Kamloops passsing  #3 Firehall.
The last leg was to travel along valeyview drive out to the end to the residence.