2012 Year Eight 
Presented By Dave Dickinson

This year stated out a little different than previous years.
Bill Kemode, Craig Beddie, Dick Parkes & Ken Finnigan where away
 attending a car rally in New Zealand.
Andy Cordonier was also away visiting Australia so there was no work shops the month of January

John Duerksen cuts slats as fillers
for the cross ribs

Ray Henry is ready to do the nailing

Doug McCloy & Jerry Wallin hand John Duerksen one of the roof pieces.

John screws it after Doug & Jerry have put it in place.

John says all jobs need a foreman

Dick Parkes checks Johns work by
looking through the window

Don Potts does a litlle more sanding

The roof is starting to take shape and looks good

Clark Borth & Ray Henry work on front fender

Andy Cordonier pitches in to help

No wonder the project has taken so long as everyone stands around with their hands in their pockets

Not sure what Julian Slotylak, Virgil Lysgaard & Andy Cordoinier are looking at
March - June

Don Potts watches Jerry Wallin
checking measurements of rear folding step
Don is very particular when it comes to the finish sanding              
so Ken Finnigan,   & Dick Parkes must do a good job
Bill Kermode & Doug McCloy
work on the hood

While Dick & Don work on the rear fenders

Everybody gets to do some of the sanding. Wow what a big job
However as Don says once it is painted it is too late.

Jerry Wallin & Craig Beddie install the rain trough
September - October
Between June and now it has been masked, red strip has been added and is now ready for overall painting.
Dennis from Car-go Towing was kind enough to move it from Andy Cordonier's shop
to Overdrive Collision for painting.
Next stop the paint shop

Here I sit in the paint booth waiting for my new paint job

Finshed getting painted now for a ride back to Andy's shop

Nice to be back home

Doug McCloy explains the window situation to
 Jason Tasko & Ray henry
Jerry Wallin, Julian Slotylak & Keith Galbraith find other projects to work on

Bill Kermode watches Craig Beddie get ready for work
{Craig has been a regular attender however the type of coveralls that he normally wears reflect the camera flash so I did not manage to get many pictres of Craig although he was always been there working}
November - December
Time to start installing the roof
Peter Udesen from Kamloops Upholstery was kind enough to come and give the crew a hand

Peter Udesen
{Kamloops Upholstery}

Checks measurements

Craig Beddie is installing the wire
for the red light and siren

Keith Galbraith works on the signal lights

This evening work shop closes the doors for another year
Will start up again after new Years