2011 Year Seven
Presented By Dave Dickinson

January & February

Parts sit and wait for the crew to start another year

Craig Beddie, Andy Cordonier & Bill Kermode get busy to check the wiring

Ken's days with BC Telephone pay off when it comes to chasing wires using the diagram.
Keith Galbraith  

Ask's "Who Me?"

I didn't do it what ever it was.
Ray Henry working on side panel while John Duerksen sands roof braces
Don Potts does the doors while Dick Parkes catches the corners
Keith Galbraith with saw cuts board then has Jerry Wallin check to see if it fits while Julian Slotylak supervises

March & April

They don't always look at the camera
while they are working

Andy Kovich as part of his program is involvement in the community.
They asked if he could join the car club?
Anglea his assistant says that of the various activites they have been involved with the members of the
 car club have treated them the best.

Angela helps by sweeping the floor for the boys.
She and Andy even brought cookies for
coffee following a work shop.

Who is this masked avenger?

Front and rear doors get  attention

Doug McCloy tries door as a hula hoop
but it just will not spin.
Ken Hoshowski took the grill home &
painfully and slowwly straighten out the fins and polished them.

May & June

{l to r} Dick Parkes, Andy Cordonier, Jerry Wallin, Don Potts, John Duerksen,
Doug McCloy, Ray Henry, Keith Galbraith, Craig Beddie &
Julian Slotylak leaning on the broom.
(Good thing broom handles are not made out of rubber)

It gets pushed back in the corner of the shop until we return in September


It's gotta be in there somewhere
Ken Finnigan checks carb

Julian Slotylak & Tim Wourms watch Don Potts sanding right passengers door

Looking more like an ambulance
Keith Galbraith & Don Potts are checking
for low spots that require a little filling

Craig Beddie sweeps up floor after filling the rad with antifreeze as we discovered the water pump was leaking.


{l to r} Julian Slotylak, Craig Beddie, Bill Kermode & Clark Borth talk it up before starting work.
Motor is in and everything in place so it is time for Craig Beddie {Chief mechanic} to start it up for the first time.
Runs just great!! What a nice feeling everyone had.

As it was now mobile but did not have a license Craig arranged with Car-go Towing to move it over to Knowles Exhaust system.
{Thanks to Dennis as he never charged the club for the delivery or the return from the Knowles muffler shop.}

Knowles Exhaust have always been a good supporter of the Vintage Car Club so the price was very reasonable.


From the front to the back Doug McCloy is checking for spots to fill and sand.

We were very fortunate to receive some original equipment for our project from
Fraser Field ( Central Fraser Valley Chapter Member)
 who collects
 Emergency vehicles and supplies.
An original medical case from the North Kamloops Fire Department {How lucky can we get?} Dick Parkes & Bill Kermode wrestle with the side bar.
Here Bill & Jerry Wallin are checking out the slide bar that holds the stretcher in place while traveling. Still more work to go however looking better.

John Duerksen takes his work serious
Ray Henry tacks up wiring for the interior lights. Ken Finnigan helps by stepping on someones stomach so they can fit under the cowling.


Jerry Wallin is making the part that fills in between the front and the roof over the door.

Bill Kermode is making a plate to cover the batteries as the new batteries are higher than the old ones
and have a tendency to short out
on the underside of the seat.
We don't want our drivers to get a "hot" seat.
Don Potts doing some sanding of the roof.
The way Don does his work it will be better than original.