2010 Year Six
Presented By Dave Dickinson


Had to change the way I did my labelling in regards to timing as some times my pictures
got mixed up to exactly at what work shop they were taken.

So for this year's presentation I have labelled the pictures Spring and Fall.
It will still gives you the idea of what went on.
There was a number of work nights that I never took any pictures at all
as it was hard to see the differance from the week before.
It seems the actors in the pictures were always the same. Just different costumes.

Bill Kermode & Ken Finnigan work on the wiring
It has turned out to be a big job requiring a lot of time & patience.

Ken checks the wiring specs.

Keith Galbraith just keeps smilling.

Clark Borth helps also by doing some
sodering of the wires.

John Duerkson holds the wood
while Jerry Wallin does the cutting.
I notice he is using a stick and not just his fingers.

Andy Cordonier tells  Ken Hoshowski
how he is to watch Keith Galbraith
straighten out one of the side panels.

Doug McCloy {our glass man} and Bob Gieselman untangle the rubber for the windshield.

Doug explains to John Duerkson on how the rubber should fit on to the window.
Don Potts works on front bumper mounts getting ready for the grill.

Dick Parkes works on the grill shroud.

Then Don Potts helps Dick check the fit.

The wood dash on the left is the dash that fits here  over the guages.
A complete new one has to be built.

Jason Tasko is checking the fit of the top wood structure.

Jason is shows Jerry Wallin the new part
that he had constructed to hold the
 Ambulance sign that fits above the windshield.

We were fortunate to have a couple of retired city fireman that heard about our restoration project
 stop by the shop on one of  our work nights.
They told us some interesting and funny stories relating to some of the actual calls they had made
 with the Ambulance while they were working.

Retired Kamloops Fireman John Agassiz
and Dave Costain

{l to r} Ken Finnigan , Bob Chambers
reminiscing with Dave
Dick Parkes & John look over some of the old photos
 that we have showing the Ambulance
 when it was  new to the city.

Keith Galbraith, Bob Gieslman & Doug McCloy do some more playing with the windshield
It turns out Doug is not certain if the replacement rubber that we got will do the job.

Here Doug is installing insultion to help cut down on road noise and helping to make it cooler in the back.


 Craig Beddie & Ken Hoshowski watch
Keith Galbraith check the fit of the
corner piece.

Bill Kermode & Clark Borth are trying to fiqure out something.
It was time to start installing the new strips for the roof.

Keith Galbraith & Julian Slotylak check the corner.

John Duerkson & Ken Hoshowski do more checking.

Whether the crew is in, out, under or over
we do have fun at the work shops.

Bill Kemode tells Jerry Wallin that it is a good thing brooms don't have rubber handles.