2006 Year Two
Presented By Dave Dickinson


The engine returns from the machine shop.

Andy Cordonier, Murray Williams & John Duerksen unload engine from the truck on to the fork lift for easier handleing and moving.
It was taken into the machine shop part of Andy's shop to be reassembled at a later date.

The wiper motor and linkage was also removed during this month.


This month saw the building of a couple of dollies to enable us to move the front and rear body components around as we work on them. The dollies were constructed form the frame of old Fargo pickup. Having the seaprate dollies will allow different crews to work at the same time.

The crew lifts the front clip on to it's portable dolly.

The rear was a lttle more challanging as it had to be lifted high enough to remove the original frame before we could insert the dolly.
When it came time to lift the club's engine hoist was used as a crane to do the llifting. This worked just fine.

Jerry & Jack making certain that the body  has been lifted high enough to clear the frame when it is removed.

With body being high enough Craig Beddie uses floor jack to pull the frame out.
The portable dolly is now put into place.


As things were now starting to come off and we needed somewhere to store them it was decided to build a mezzanie at the back of Andy's shop for a place to store items. To make it safe for all us Jerry Wallin installs a guard rail.

The flooring in the rear compartment was ltaken out using crowbars and hammers as there was layer of cement under the plywood flooring installed to help as ballast. It was decided it would not be necessary to install the cement as it would never be seen and take any thing away from the restoration.
After having the floor removed we got to see the frame & etc.

As the Driver's compartment was now sitting on the dolly Rick Wourms could get at to work on it. He found that the floor panels had to be replaced. Rick is holding the piece that he had to cut out as it needed to be replaced.

Wow! Where does one start. The wires were marked and was recorded however we found out later that more time should have been taken in the marking and recording.

Ray Henry [above] & Tim Wourms take on the fenders.
The frame comes back from being sand blasted.
Sure does look different from when we started.
Now it is time to do the wheels.
Dick says the newspaper photographers in their work are always using reflections
so I was to give it a try.
So I gave it a try.

It did not approve
Dick's look what so ever.
Don't know what Clark Borth is looking at however he has the attention of  {l to r} Craig Beddie, Julian Slotylak, & Andy Cordonier while Tim Wourms keeps working in the back ground

Over the summer
Craig Beddie checks out the rear differential.
Dick Parkes works on the bumper brackets.
Virgil Lysgaard works on the wiper motor.
Ivan Lajeunesse gets the old dash knobs
to use as pattens as new must be made.
Rick Wourms starts on the floor and door panels.
Jerry Wallin, Jason Tasko & Jack Woolard remove various parts of the wood structure to made new ones at home.

September - December

Rick Wourms fines it much easier now to work on the front clip since it has been sand blasted.

Don't know if Keith Galbraith with pry bar is really helping Rick.
Dick Parkes uses  puller to remove the rear axle.

        Jack Woolard & Dick Parkes
 are looking for something

while Clark Borth removes gas guage from tank.
Jason Tasko had to do a lot of checking and measuring as it was tricky
making new parts for the wheel well

Year two comes to a close