June 11th, 2020
Oganized by Jim Carroll
Photos by Dave Dickinson

This was the first Cruise for 2020
Jim had us leaving the Sahali A & W at 2 pm.
Jim Carroll Arrives
And so does Craig Beddie

Michele Gielseman
waits while we get organized

Darla Stephens

Engel & Audrey Bouwmeester siting in their
Corvette out of the rain

Although it was starting to rain some did get a chance
 to visit before we left.

                                                                                            John Foley                                         Bob Chambers                                                     Craig Beddie

John & Lila Foley

Ernie & Marg McNaughton

Geoff Gibbard

Some how between traffic lights and the traffic some of us did not manage to see just what direction Jim was going when he left the parking lot.
So it ended up some going down the by-pass, others using Columbia street to Hwy 5 and the balance crossing the Red Bridge.
The group did manage to get together again between the Halston and Rayleigh for the remaining part of the trip.

It rained most of the way but that was part of it.
When we arrived in Barriere long time club member (31 years) Dean Mackley came over to visit us while
we were parked as he is now living in Barriere

{Sorry the photographer did not get a picture of Dean}

As we left the parking lot we made a
 detour pass the school as
Bob & Michelle Gieselman’s daughter is the principal there.
Sorry we arrived after school was out so we only manage to have the teachers welcome us.

.  On the way home we had to stop for single
 lane traffic control as they were doing some paving.
Colby the flag person seem to enjoy having us stop
for the few minutes
. . 
The Beddie’s & the Gieselman’s used the McClure ferry on their return trip to cross the North Thompson river as it was a shorter route home.  
Maybe not the fastest as the ferry only takes two cars at a time and
it's speed depends on  how fast the river is flowing

The McLure Ferry is a cable ferry across the North Thompson River in British ColumbiaCanada.
It is situated about 43 kilometres (27 mi) north of Kamloops.

Specifically, the ferry is a reaction ferry, which is propelled by the current of the water. An overhead cable is suspended from towers anchored on either bank of the river, and a "traveller" is installed on the cable.
The ferry is attached to the traveller by a bridle cable.
To operate the ferry, rudders are used to ensure that the pontoons are angled into the current,
causing the force of the current to move the ferry across the river.

The ferry operates under contract to the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation, is free of tolls, and runs on demand between 0700 and 1820. It carries a maximum of 2 cars and 12 passengers at a time.
The crossing is about 100 metres (330 ft) in length, and takes 5 minutes.
The ferry does not operate at times of high water or winter freeze up.

It was a fun day, looking forward to our next venture