Organized by Marlene Beddie., Joy Parke & Judy Paulsen
Photos Marlene Beddie & Ken Hoshowski

Each year the chapter has an annual Christmas dinner/party.
This year was no different as it was held at the Oddfellows Hall on December 6th
with 56 members attending to enjoy another great turkey dinner catered to by the Rebekah ladies.

While the members were reelaxing after dinner members they were treated to a floor show.
The girls that organized the evening went great expense to bring in a person to show everyone on
how to do to the hula.
It turns out that Ken Hoshowski had just recently got back from a trip to Hawaii
with the Rube band so they thought that he would be the right person
to do the teaching and demonstration of the Hula.

Geri and Ray get their lesson.

Dick and Lorraine were next for lessons

Lorraine checking to see if they were real coconuts

Following the hula show and dancing it was time to play the game "Shake the junk in your trunk"
Claudine and Charlie shake their trunks {Tissue boxes filled with junk}while Joy looks on.
More trunk shaking by Jan & Kathy

Two teams of 4 each were picked for the next challenge.
They had to dress a Santa Claus
Team One Team Two

The finished product.
Not sure what team won.

Denis Jolicoeur was the closest guess to win the jelly bean contest.
Peggy Irwin won the door prize
The draw winners were
1st  Prize was Lorraine Finnigan
2nd Prize was Michelle Gieselman
3rd Prize was Darlene LaJeunesse

It is probably a good thing the real Santa Claus did show up to give out the Christmas presents.
Santa had a special gift for Ken as he had heard that Ken had been on a holiday and forgot his toothbrush
so he saw that he got a new pink toothbrush.

All those that attended had a great time and enjoyed the fun and friendship.
Many thanks to Marlene, Joy & Judy for making all the arrangements.