Presentation by: - Dave Dickinson

How to change $30,000 into $200
I stopped by Central Salvage at Heffley Creek to see how they change in a matter of a few minutes what once was a $30,000 car into
a $200 square block hunk of scrap.
When the towing company delivers a car to Central Salvage it drives on to a scale to be weighed.
The wheels and tires are then taken off the car before it is removed from the tow truck.
If the tires and rims are good they are set aside to be taken back by the towing company.
An example of this is D & G Gill Towing as besides towing they sell rims and tires.
Others are thrown over the bank to have the tires dismounted from the rims. The rims are scrapped whereas the tires are shipped to Vancouver for recycling.

Good wheels and tires are stacked at the top of the hill and when there is enough for a load the towing company takes them back to their shop for resale.

When the wheels are removed the car is then transferred to the drain rack
so all liguids are removed and recycled such as antifreeeze from the radiators and
all the oils including the motor oil, transmission, & rear ends
 A truck sitting on the drain rack. The drain rack is so none of the drained fluids are included with the scrap iron.
If the radiators  container coper they are also removed at this time.

Containers at the drain rack
to collect the different fluids to be recycled

After leaving the drain rack the cars are stock piled.

So they can crush a number of cars at the same time as the crusher is not always there.

This where your $30,000 changes into $200

The Crusher arrives

Car after car met the crusher

Now it is time to be loaded for the trip to the coast.

A load ready for the trip to the coast.
When new cars are deliverd to the dealers it usually 9 to 11 cars per transport where as
when they make their final trip it is between 15 and 30 cars depending on the weight and the truck delivering whether is is a semi ro B-train.

Kent O'Ryan (Owner) said that when someone dies in a car ICBC immediately scraps it.
One day $70,000 truck with only 200 kilometers showing on the speedometer had to be crushed. Nothing could be salvaged.
I asked him if it bothered him and he said were in the salvage business and not the business of selling parts.