June 30th 2011
Organized by Al & Judy Paulsen
Photos by Dave Dickinson

Tonights curise was to visit three of the various Pioneer Cemeteries about the city
Here it is the last day of June and the wind was blowing so cold off the river that suppers were
quickly packed up and the cruise was started early

Andrew got into doing hi 5's tonight.
Not sure what it was all about

Judy cuddles up trying to keep warm

Bruce Bawtree 1st Cruise Night with his
1932 Rockne

Ray Henry's 1954 Buick

Ed Shaw's 1953 Packard

Ken Hoshowski's 1961 Pontiac,
Al Paulsen's 1969 Chevy,
Dick Parkes 1960 Ford

Bruce Bawtree's 1932 Rockne.These cars were only made for two years before selling out to Studebaker

A Mr. Petersen donated this property to the city for a cemetery and when his wife died he still had to pay the full price including the taxes to have her buried here.
Al was explaining about the cemetery and handed out a 1930's picture with a building in the back ground
asking us if we knew what it was

Doug looking at the picture thought he had it fiqured out.

"Publics Own Market"
John Foley tells us that Constable John Usher of the BC Provincial Police buried here was killed by the McLean Brothers on his dad's property.
The McLeans brothers were part of the
Billy Minor gang

In regards to the Bill Minor Gang
The Judge, Police Officer and Lawyer involved with the court case are all buried in Kamloops.
The McLeans were buried in New Westminister where they were hanged.

This show Charles  Edgar Hamilton was a coal miner born in Indiana & died in British Columbia

This marker was for Stuart Wood.
The School Board named a school after him
 in his honour.

Al & Judy had visited the City Museum and had got a lot information concerning a number of the different graves.

John Freeman Smith was a black man  that made boots. He was also a city councillor.
No one seems to know why he was buried in
a popper's grave.  [No head stone basically an unknown]
A girl in grade 6 did a school paper on him
as she was so impressed that she raised enough money to give him a proper head stone.
This is the head stone of Fred Fulton.
 He was the lawyer that proscuted Bill Miner.
His lawyer firm is still in exsistance today as his sons and grandsons carried the business on.
Our airport "Fulton Field" is also named after the family
Elaine Shaws draws her last card for the poker run.
 It did her no good as I was the big winner of $9.00 this week
with the wining hand. [Pair 8's & a King High]

This Cruise Night was now over and time to head off to the A & W
for a hot coffee or hot choclate this time as it ws too darn cold for ice cream