Photos by Dave Dickinson

The Chapter was invited to have some cars on display at
Riverside Park during the 2014 Canada Day Celebrations.

A BIG Thank you to Al Paulsen for bringing along his pop up canopy
as it was a hot day and the shade was greatly appreciated.
Thanks to the members for bringing their cars to the park
          Al Paulsen's 1929 Model A Ford,    &   Dave Dickinson's 1928 Hupmobile                       Bob Gieselman's 1950 Pontiac &  Dick Parkes 1938 McLaughlin-Buick
People enjoyed stopping by to look at the cars and having a rest in the shade

Dick was involved with the Rube Band
so his car turned into a change room for himself

A man with his horn and his car.

Can't get much better than that unless having a girl in the picture.